Cobras Flat Out Dominate Texas MX Amateur National Openers @ Oak Hill & Lake Whitney

HILLSDALE, Mich., (March 20, 2007) -- Looks like it’s going to be another year of chasing the American-made Cobra motorcycles for all the manufacturers eager to get in or already involved with championship-level 50cc class amateur motocross racing.

This past weekend Cobra-mounted kids walked all over the competition at Texas’ Oak Hill Motocross Park, winning the 7-8 50cc Stock and Modified classes, the 4-6 Stock and Modified classes and the 4-9 Open class.

And if that wasn’t enough, Cobra unveiled its new CX65 motocrosser to the national media -- a bike that’s sure to have an instant impact on the 65cc class.

“It was quite a week for Cobra to open the 2007 competition season, said Sean Hilbert, President of Cobra Motorcycles. “Each year our competition is producing cooler-looking bikes, but when it comes down to racing them they just can’t seem to keep up with the Cobra CX50 Senior (aka the King 50) and CX50 Junior. Big congrats from the Cobra factory to all the Cobra kids who competed these past two weeks in Texas. Now get back to school! (laughter)

Leading Cobra at Oak Hill this past weekend were factory-backed riders Michael Young (Concord, N.C.), who won the 50cc 7-8 Stock class and Mark Worth (Queens Creek, Ariz.), who won the 50cc 7-8 Modified class. Worth would back up his Modified class win by capturing the 50cc 4-9 Open class as well at Oak Hill.

Also noteworthy for Cobra @ Oak Hill:

  • Tanner Stock (Oak Grove, Mo.) made the 7-8 Stock podium (3rd) in his first year in the class.
  • Joey Crown (Metamora, Mich.) in 2nd and Ramyiller Alves (Coconut Creek, Fla.) in 3rd were both on the podium in the 7-8 Modified class.
  • Gavin Hultsman (Apache Junction, Ariz.) and Jordan Bailey (Orlando) went 1-2 in the 4-6 Modified class. Bailey then won the 4-6 Stock class with Hultsman 3rd.
  • Cobra placed nine out of the top ten in the 50cc 7-8 Stock class, including four out of the top five.
  • Cobra placed eight out of the top ten in the 50cc 7-8 Modified class.
  • Cobra place 15 out of the top 16 in the 4-6 Stock class.

The week prior to Oak Hill, in Lake Whitney, Texas, Bailey won the 4-6 class with Tristan Lewis (Locust Grove, Ga.) in 2nd and Cobra National Team rider Brandon Smith (Azetc, Ariz.) in 3rd. In all, Cobra riders took four of the top five 4-6 50cc class spots, nine of the top ten and 15 of the top 20!

In the 50cc 7-8 class Cobra placed six out the top seven Lake Whitney spots, including Crown (2nd) and Tanner Morris (Orting, Wash., 3rd) on the podium. Cobra riders went on to capture eight out of the top ten 50cc 7-8 class spots and 17 out of the top 20!

The grand finale 4-8 Open class, featuring all the best riders from both classes was won by Cobra’s Worth -- but not without a heated battle from Young (3rd o/a) in the second moto. Cobra wound up taking ten out of the top 11 50cc 4-8 Open class positions!

Next up for Team Cobra is the 36th annual World Mini GP at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, April 9-15. For more information on the event, link to the NMA’s website at:

Cobra, founded in 1993, produces the most successful line of competition mini cycles and mini quads in the United States with more than 100 national titles in the last decade. Based out of Hillsdale, Mich., Cobra’s mission is to build premium products for the serious racer. For more information on Cobra products, please visit our website at

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