Complete Helmet Camera System Finally Available!

Tempe, AZ – (October 31, 2006) – Are you sick of having to lug around a full size video camera in order to shoot some helmet camera footage? Do you wish there was something smaller, lighter, less expensive, and easier to use? Now there is. has developed the most complete helmet camera kit on the market today, The Stage 2 Helmet Camera Kit.

The Stage 2 Helmet Camera Kit includes everything you need to start filming today. This includes the Race Optics high resolution digital video recorder, a 256mb SD card, a 420 line bullet camera, choice of hardwire or 8 hour rechargeable battery pack, as well as a high gain microphone. This system is a complete stand alone kit, which eliminates the need for a heavy, bulky, and expensive camcorder inside of a restricting backpack in order to film. The entire system weighs in at just under 2.5 pounds and has no moving parts, which makes it much more reliable and easier to use than anything on the market today.

The Race Optics Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the smallest and best quality DVR on the market today. The DVR is so small it can fit inside of a pack of cigarettes! It has a 2.5″ LCD screen which makes it easy to set up cameras and immediately review your footage. The Race Optics DVR also features single switch recording which makes it easy to flip the switch and go! All video footage is stored on SD cards which make transferring video to the computer quick and easy.

Race Optics only provides the highest quality Sony CCD cameras. All cameras are fully upgradeable to 520 lines of resolution! Don’t be fooled into buying outdated and low quality CMOS technology helmet cameras, CCD chipsets produce a far superior video in terms of image quality. also offers multiple camera mounting applications so that you can attain any cameras angles you desire.

Check out the website for details, specs, photos, videos, and pricing.