Craig Decker: North of The Border, Round 4

Extreme Sports 2003 Canadian Motocross Championships
Round Four Race Report from Moto Valley Raceway, Regina, SK

By: Craig Decker

Knowing full well that I have the speed to win races, it’s getting more and more difficult to write in reporting somebody else’s victory, but here goes nothing...

Round four took place at Moto Valley Raceway in Regina on Sunday, and once again I struggled with some unfortunate happenings. The track at Moto Valley was another hardpacked, fast-paced circuit that allowed a lot of guys to haul ass. Without any difficult jump sections, there really wasn’t much to separate the top guys from the rest of the pack. The weather in Regina was pretty chilly. In fact, I wore a layer under my jersey both days to keep warm. With the chill in the air and some strong winds on Sunday, the crowd really didn’t come out like they did last week in Calgary.

My weekend started pretty good with a solid qualifier on Saturday. JSR grabbed the holeshot, and I started back in about fourth place. I moved into second on the third lap and started to reel in Roy. I was stoked to find that I had the speed to catch him after having a bit of a gap between us. I got close and applied pressure on him the rest of the moto, but he didn’t crack and we finished in that order with Huffman coming in third. Once again, I left the track on Saturday certain that I had what it would take to win on Sunday. But once again, it just didn’t go down like I planned!

Sunday was even a bit cooler than Saturday and the wind really started to pick up. Easy-ups and tents were blowing all over the pit area. In practice, the track was smooth and fast again, so I knew that a good start would be even more critical than usual.

When the gate dropped for moto one I exited the first turn in about seventh place. Certainly not the start I wanted but I knew I could work with it. Well, that is until a rider went down in a rolling whoop section on the first lap and I plowed right into him. I had absolutely no place to go but right into the back of him, and I went down. By the time I got back up and underway, I was sitting in dead last. I knew at that point that I had my work cut out for me, so I just put my head down and rode as hard as I could. By the end of the moto I had passed all the way up to ninth place, but I certainly wasn’t satisfied. I was going good and my lap times were great, but another misfortune held me back!

In moto two I got a little overanxious on the start and mis-timed the gate. I had a bad reaction and ended up somewhere mid-pack in the first turn. Exiting the first corner I locked bars with another guy and ended up running myself straight off the side of the track. Man was I pissed! All I could think is... here we go again. I got back on the track pretty quick but still found myself starting from dead last. The pack was a little tighter at that point and I was able to get by a few more guys, ending the moto in sixth place. Third, fourth, and fifth were grouped right in front of me, and with a couple more laps I think I could’ve moved into the top three. Nevertheless, a 9-6 for sixth overall was all I could salvage after all of that. The whole thing was a bum deal because I knew I belonged up front with the leaders. And not only that, with a 2-1 for first overall, Damon Huffman moved into second spot in the points chase, bumping me back to third.

This marks the halfway point in the season, and I certainly have my work cut out for me. We have a two-week break now before round five in Barrie, ON. The break is much needed, but I am so hungry for a win that I almost wish we didn’t have it. I’ll put the time to good use though. With a little rest and some regrouping, I plan to go up swinging for round five. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check back in two weeks to get the action from north off the border.