Cycles 128 Takes S3 Premiere to New Level

Not to be outdone, Cycles 128 in Beverly Mass hosted an Asphalt Pit Bike race during their Premiere Day of Stone Spray Sandwich.  On a perfect Saturday afternoon, GM John Rice and his crew at Cycles hosted what is sure to become an annual event.  The staff turned their back parking lot, usually reserved for their motorcycle instructional school, into a Mini Moto GP.  Riders came from as far away as Pennsylvania to race the course.

Practice and registration were early in the morning and the few puddles that were in the parking lot were covered with ice. But as the day warmed up and racing began, so did the action.  In fact, their were so many entries in the 25+ open and modified classes that they had to be split into heats to ensure proper scoring on the tight road course.

Since street tires for minis can be acquired pretty cheap, almost everyone came prepared to hang it out.  The racing was tight and the ¿rubbing¿ was on as there were a few exciting crashes, but luckily there was minimal road rash and the only bruising that happened were a few ego¿s.

Inside the premiere was a huge hit and brought the shop a strong business day overall.  Riders and spectators were treated to Pizza and Red Bull again as they enjoyed the first Massachusetts showing of the movie.  Big thanks go out to the Energy Kings for once again showing the TWMX readers some love!

As usual, industry support was strong.  In attendance and racing the Pit Bike Race were HRP Sports¿ National Sales Manager PJ Bandouveres, Pete¿s Cycle & Sled owner Pete Collins, DPM Engineering owner Don Cyr, American Horsepower¿s Mark Delorenzo (who won both the 16-24 Open Class and the Unlimited Class), Red Bull¿s Bryan Delaney and Pete Gabroreo (who in a freak tag team effort placed third in the Stock Class) and Red Bull¿s Alex Dunston (who won the Stock Class in convincing fashion), and lastly, as our two resident Pro Spectators, Fox Racing¿s Alex Little and Jeff Dyer.  Big thanks to the Cycles 128 crew GM John Rice, Gary, Greg, Rick and all that helped out!

The Next S3 Premieres are at Iron Pony in Westerville, Ohio on Saturday November 26th at 12 noon and at Chaplin Kawasaki in Chaplin, Connecticut on Friday December 9th at 6:30pm.

Winners of the Pit Bike Race

16-24 Open

  1. Mark DeLorenzo (9)
  2. Jason Healey (71)
  3. Thomas Healy (440)

25+ Open

  1. Todd from Cycles 128 (55)
  2. Dylan McNicholas (6x)
  3. Jason Gordon (211)

200lb+ Open

  1. Gary Chione (21)
  2. Kevin ¿Old School¿ Marshall (38)
  3. Derek Fischer (36)


  1. Alex Dunston (434)
  2. David Peloquin (11)
  3. Bryan Delaney/Pete Gabroreo (14)


  1. Dylan McNicholas (6x)
  2. Jason Healy (71)
  3. Thomas Healy (440)


  1. Mark Delorenzo (9)
  2. Todd from Cycles 128 (1x)
  3. Brian from Cycles 128 (55)


  1. Lorna Murphy from Cycles 128 (75)
  2. Rebecca Walker (11)
  3. Kim Bacon (24)
  4. Gina Testaverde (7)