Daily Hook Up – Acerbis Infinity Roost Deflector

Product: Acerbis Infinity Roost Deflector
Application: Upper body roost protection
Colors: Blue, White, Red, Black
Price: $139.95kn1m3399

Key Features:

-Removable front and rear upper panels for use with a neck brace

kn1m3402-Removable upper arm guards

-Designed to be worn over or under a jersey

-Made for riders in the 140-185 lbs. and 5'4-6'0 range

What We Liked:

-Very light weight and simple construction.

-Simple buckle system with no moving parts.

-Removable front and rear panels make guard very comfortable when worn with a Leatt Brace.

-No extra bulk means the roost deflector is virtually unnoticeable on the track.

-Foam liner is quite comfy.

What We Didn't Like:

-Why bother with the arm guards? They probably add an extra $30 to the cost of the protector and we never use them.

-Although the buckle system is simple, they can also be difficult to snap on properly and might be problematic in an emergency.kn1m3408

-Considering how basic the Infinity is, nearly 140 smackers seems a little steep.

What We Really Think:

When it comes to motocross, it is pretty much impossible to wear enough protection.  The problem is finding a balance between sufficient protection and  minimized bulk.  Of all the hundreds of chest/roost guard designs we have seen through the years, the Acerbis Infinity Roost Deflector is certainly on the simpler side of things.  If you do not notice something when you are out on the track, that is a good thing, and such was the case with the Infinity.  After removing the front and back upper panels, the guard worked extremely well with a Leatt Brace and can even be used in lieu of the T-type strap that comes with the Leatts to help secure the brace.  The Infinity is definitely worth checking out.

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