Product: AXO Dart Boots
Application: Mid-level foot wear
Colors: Black, Black/White
Price: $184.99

Key Features:

-Slim toe box and lower shifter height

-PU coated leather, perforated and foam backed synthetic outer construction

-3D stitched synthetic instep and heel flex panel

-Open cavity molded shin and calf plates

-“Floating” buckle housings self-center for easy closure

-Side of foot buckle deflectors’ guard the buckles from brush and debris

-Exclusive compound bonded sole

What We Liked:

-Light weight

-Very short break-in time

-Smaller toe-box area makes for easy shifts

-Slim design allows good feel of the bike

-Rubber gaiter effectively keeps mud out

What We Didn't Like:

-Heel tended to lift out, when pointing toes downward

-Plastic in the ankle area seemed to bind slightly when foot flexed upward

-May not provide adequate ankle protection for faster or more aggressive riders

-Since the boot is fairly pliable, many of the buckles need a quick jab to be properly secured

What We Really Think:

For a price point boot, AXO has done an excellent job with the Dart.  Creating a product that is simultaneously cheap, comfortable, supportive, and stylish is no easy task, but the Dart still manages to cover all of those categories.  Obviously you are not going to see all of the bells and whistles that might appear on the Dart' big brother, the Prime, or on other high-end boots, but many riders do prefer a simple boot.  With a bonded sole, AXO's very reliable buckle system, supportive yet pliable construction, and low price tag, the Dart has hit pretty close to the bullseye.

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