Product: AXO Long Socks "Love U Mom"
Application: Thigh-high nylons
Options: One size, adult
Colors: black
Price: $19.99

Key Features:

-High Bulk Acrylic fibers for wicking moisture away from skin and reducing chance of blistering

-Ribbed arch and ankle support weave minimizes sock shifting

-Extra padding on heel, toe, and shin areas

-Looping construction inside sock for comfort

-High stretch and high memory elastic used throughout sock construction

What We Liked:

-Very stretchy material allows for most foot sizes

-Comfortable fabric effectively prevents chafing and wicks sweat away, even in hotter conditions

-Mom will appreciate that you are thinking about her, and the Chuck Taylor look will reveal your inner hipsterdom

What We Didn't Like:

-Material at the cuff not quite expandable enough for larger quads

-May not be long enough for longer legged riders

What We Really Think:

If you wear knee braces, which we hope you do, long socks or leggings of some kind are a must.  Have you ever noticed what happens when you just use your braces on bare skin?  A sort of cheese develops on your legs that you didn't know your body was capable of producing, and showing it to your riding buddies is a good way to evoke a gag reflex.  If grossing out your friends is not your priority though, and you like to remain cool and comfortable while motoing, AXO's Long Socks are a very good option.

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