PRODUCT: Ride Engineering Kill Switch

APPLICATION: Most modern mx bikes

OPTIONS: Colors: Black and silver

PRICE: $49.95


-Replaces the stock kill switch on most bikes except the 2009 Honda CRF450R

-Integrates and mounts on the stock clutch lever clamp, eliminating a separate mount for the kill switch

-Made completely from machined aluminum

-Without the kill switch mount taking up space, there is more room for handguards, laptimers, or other items that mount on the bars

-For electric start bikes, this switch can also be used as a starter switch


-Easy to mount. Just cut off the stock kill switch and splice the new Ride Engineering one into the wires

-The kill switch won't kill the bike if it is pushed while riding. You must hold the button down in order to get it to work

-Opens up space on the handlebars

-Looks cool and clean

-Is more durable than stock kill switches


-Even though you must hold the kill switch down to get it to stop the motor, we still are wary about having the kill switch so close to our hand

-Only mounts to stock perch levers. It isn't compatible with most aftermarket perches

WHAT WE REALLY THINK: If you are needing to free up some space on your handlebars, or you just want to get a kill switch that will last much longer and stand up to more abuse than a stock one, you should consider picking up a Ride Engineering kill switch. So far, we've been happy with the performance of ours.