Daily Hook-Up: Tag Rebound Tech Grips

Product: Rebound Tech Dual Compound Grip
Application: Because you need something to hold onto
Colors: Grey/Black, Grey/Blue, Grey/Red
Price: $15.99

Key Features:
-Soft compound Rebound Technology matrix surrounds grip.

-Material placed only where necessary to reduce grip diameter.

-Intended to act as suspension for your hands for cushioning and damping against vibration and musculoskeletal stress.

What We Liked:
-The pyramid-like shapes, while they feel a bit strange at first, a surprising amount of cushion.

-Thanks to the layout of the pyramid matrix, the grips actually help add traction to your, well, grip.

-The cushion significantly reduces vibration and muscle fatigue.

What We Didn't Like:
-Riders with smaller hands have complained that Tag grips have a bit too large of a diameter for them to feel comfortable.

We have been using these grips for a few months now and very happy with them.  The dual-compound provides excellent longevity and seem to reduce fatigue and arm-pump enough to help you last those few last laps of your motos. An added bonus is for riders with slightly larger hands and finger who get a much better purchase on the handle bars. Overall the Tag Rebound Tech grips are an excellent grip.

Call 661/257-2756 or visit www.sixsixone.com/tag