Daily Hook Up – Universal Stand

APPLICATION: An easychair for your moto

OPTIONS: Available in three sizes: small, medium, large; and eight colors: Scotchbrite silver, white, black, red, green, orange, yellow, blue.

PRICE: $100

– Monocogue construction
– Color choices to match all MXers
– Ovalized box section uprights
– Die formed aluminum top
– TIG welded & heat treated
– Injection molded rubber traction top
– Removable plastic parts tray

– With every manufacturer’s color available, everyone can have a stand to match their bike.
– Universal offers three sizes, so the smaller bikes can look just as good standing next to the big thumpers.
– The stand is light.
– When upside down, the stand holds our gas can perfectly, so we can save room in the back of the truck.
– Our stands have sweet TWMX graphics…hehehe

– If we had to be really picky, we would say the drain hole on the top of the stand is big…big enough that you have to be careful if you use it as a step to get up onto the bed of your truck. But, it is in the shape of the Universal logo…so that’s cool.
– 100 bucks is a bit pricey
– No panel for sponsors/names/numbers

WHAT WE REALLY THINK: The Universal Monocoque stand is a classic, nearly-flawless stand that now has a color for everyone. We’ve always said, “If you can’t throw your bike onto a stand, maybe you shouldn’t be riding motocross,” and the Universal stand is a great choice.

Visit www.universalmotocross.com