Product: TCX Comp 2 Boots
Colors: Black/Silver, White, Black
Sizes: US Men's 5-14
Price: $242.99


Key Features:

-Upper leather and padded micro fiber area for good flexibility

-Breathable fabric lining

-Tosion Control System allows flexibility but limits range of motion for added protection with no inner bootie required.

What We Liked:

-Very light weight compared to most boots.

-Boots come with extra pair of anodized buckles.464y1359

-There was no pinching in any circumstances and the boots are very comfortable right away with plenty of toe room.

-The top boot leather liner creates a very good seal, keeping rocks and dirt out.

-The Comp 2 looks like a higher end boot and nearly identical to its bigger bro464y1488ther, the Pro 2, with out the extra cost.  They even use the same torsion control system that works very well.

What We Didn't Like:

-They definitely felt a bit stiff  at first and take about two to three rides to be fully broken in.

-One of the screws for the buckle fittings attached to the top of the boot backed itself out on the first. Not a big issue and quickly fixed but still noteworthy.

-There was a little, but noticeable amount of flex in the soles on big G-outs and landings.

What We Really Think:

Boots are essential part of any riders arsenal.  If your feet aren't comfortable then you cannot perform to the best of your ability, at least that's what Lieutenant Dan always told us.  However, not everyone wants to spend an arm and a leg just to be comfortable.  The TCX Comp 2 boots offer a quality design at an affordable price for features normally found on far more expensive footwear.  If you are serious about racing but need to save some coin for gas and parts, check out the new TCX Comp 2.