Darryn Durham | Back in Orange and Black

Darryn Durham

Darryn Durham will race for team Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Red Bull/KTM in 2015.

Darryn Durham | Back in Orange and Black

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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Darryn Durham in action on the track. After a broken leg knocked him out of contention earlier in the season, Durham re-injured himself during practice at his comeback race and decided to save himself and heal up for a full-blown effort in 2015. Though he was out of the public eye for most of this year, Durham found himself with a nice offer from the new Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Red Bull/Honda team for 2015. Today, we spotted Double D in action on his new orange machine at Milestone MX…

October 1 is a big day for a lot of people, and it looks like the news is out that you are on the new Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Red Bull/KTM team…

Yeah, I am really excited. Today is my first day on the bike, but I’ve spent some time with the team already and everyone seems really cool. I am pumped on this opportunity to take the next step in my career with a new team. I think there are some big things in the future.

Darryn Durham

Durham and the rest of the Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Red Bull/KTM team are competing on standard 2015 KTM 250SX-F bikes for now, until the new Factory Edition 250SX-F is released in early December.

What are your first impressions about the KTM 250SX-F?

It is really easy to start! [Laughs} The electric start is amazing. It turns really well, and of course the power is very good as well. It is a very comfortable bike and it seems like it will be easy to grow accustomed to.

You are coming off a Pro Circuit Kawasaki, whereas your teammate Jessy Nelson was on the team before but on Hondas. He told me that the difference in power is staggering. Do you share that same sentiment?

I came from a really good bike, and I am hopping on another really good bike. So it’s like comparing apples to apples. There are great things about this KTM that I was looking for on my previous bike, and I am really excited about getting on the new one in December and seeing what that will be like, too.

Darryn Durham

Durham already looked comfortable on his new KTM, minutes into his first day on the new machine.

Injuries are unfortunately a very big part of our sport, and they are something that you have struggled with. Is it nice to know that in spite of missing much of the 2014 season, your potential and talent was enough to earn you a great ride for 2015 and beyond?

It feels great. Working hard to come back from your injuries shows that you are motivated, and that’s what teams are looking for. I think this team is going to be great to ride for. It seems to be a lower pressure environment, and I think I will do very well here.

Are you 100% healthy?

Yes, I am healthy! I broke my leg at the beginning of summer and I planned to come back for the last few Nationals. But then I crashed during practice and knew that it wasn’t worth it to race injured, especially because I knew that I had this deal with Troy Lee lined up. I wanted to come to them healthy and ready to perform.

Will you be doing Monster Cup?

No, only the Straight Rhythm this weekend. I think that will be interesting. Head-to-head racing is something that I have never done before, and I am excited to try it. The no turns thing is gonna be wild, too. It’ll be fun!

Will suspension setup be different, since you don’t need the bike to corner?

I think it might. It could be a little stiffer since we don’t need the bike to slow down and change directions. It’s gonna be so fun. I am going into it with a good attitude, and I am stoked to be a part of the first one of its kind.