Davalos & Roczen Own ATL | 2014 Atlanta SX Race Report

2014 Atlanta SX Race Report

Monster Energy Supercross visited Atlanta, Georgia, for round eight of the 2014 season, and once again the action on the track was almost unpredictable. The layout built of red clay on the Georgia Dome floor was one of the most unique we have seen this year, as the slower sections, technical jumps, and rutted soil tested even the best racers on the circuit. It would take the right mix of speed and skill to outlast the competition and after a night of racing, the championship standings are much closer than before.

250 East Coast Supercross Class

250 Heat One

Blake Baggett jumped to an early lead on his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki, and the pack filed into order behind the front-runner. The night's layout included a massive double over what was the entrance to the first turn, and it plagued riders in the tight opening laps. Cole Thompson shorted the leap while running in second place, and although he managed to ride out the impact aboard his Rockstar Energy Racing KTM, his lack of control in the next corner collected a pack of riders. Justin Bogle snuck by the melee to take the vacated second place, but his GEICO Honda teammate Blake Wharton made contact with Thompson and crashed off the track. Wharton managed to regroup after the incident and quickly raced back up to seventh place.

At the front of the field, Baggett began to open a gap over second place Bogle. Although the GEICO Honda racer posted the fastest lap of the race, the early lead built by Baggett was too much for Bogle to close and the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider claimed a convincing victory.

250 Heat One Results
1. Blake Baggett
2. Justin Bogle
3. Jimmy Decotis
4. Alex Martin
5. Cole Thompson
6. Mitch Oldenburg
7. Blake Wharton
8. Gannon Audette
9. Justin Starling
10. AJ Catanzaro

250 Heat Two

Adam Cianciarulo blasted out of the gate and down the long start section to take the start aboard his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki, with fellow rookie Jace Owen close behind on his Factory Metal Works/Club MX Honda. Cianciarulo, who timed fastest in qualifying earlier in the day, proceeded to open a lead over the field but hit the ground in the opening laps. The first crash, caused by Cianciarulo's slight angle through the whoops, handed the lead to Owen, and Cianciarulo's woes continued with two laps to go, when he crashed in the track's other whoop section and dropped further down the order, forcing him to line up for the LCQ. The privateer was quickly caught Martin Davalos, who was turning the fastest laps of the heat race aboard his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki, and from there rode to the win.

250 Heat Two Results
1. Martin Davalos
2. Matt Bisceglia
3. Kyle Cunningham
4. Gavin Faith
5. Matt Lemoine
6. Kyle Peters
7. Jesse Wentland
8. Anthony Rodriguez
9. Vince Frese
10. Levi Kilbarger

250 LCQ

Adam Cianciarulo nabbed another holeshot to start the LCQ, and the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider rode a calm pace throughout the short moto. During a pass through one lane under caution flags, Cianciarulo safely rolled every jump to avoid the chance of a penalty and rode to an unpressured win.

Jace Owen, AJ Catanzaro, and Ryan Zimmer followed Cianciarulo to the finish line. Catanzaro forced his way up the running order from fifth to third, first with a pass on Fredric Noren to take fourth and then by Zimmer for third place.

Jeremy Martin was fifth on the first lap of the LCQ, but a pair of mistakes dropped the Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha racer back in the field. The last mistake caused Martin's bike to stall and the difficulties while re-firing sent him to the back of the field and out of qualifying position.

250 LCQ Results
1. Adam Cianciarulo
2. Jace Owen
3. AJ Catanzaro
4. Ryan Zimmer

250 Main Event

Martin Davalos was in front as the pack funneled into the first turn, but midway through the curve, Adam Cianciarulo swung around the outside and into the lead. When the two riders flew down the track's long rhythm lane, Davalos shot to the inside and reclaimed control. The two riders would distance themselves from the field behind them over the following 14 laps.

Factory Metal Works/Club MX's Vince Friese was third off the start, and one of the many riders who spent the main event fighting for the spot. Anthony Rodriguez came next, and the Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider took third place from the privateer on lap two, but a crash just moments later forced the rookie to withdraw for the night. This came just as Blake Wharton closed in for the spot, and the GEICO Honda racer was soon overtaken by teammate Justin Bogle, who held on to the spot at the checkered flag.

Blake Baggett started the main event deep in the field and the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider spent every lap methodically picking his way through the pack. Crafty passes, like the two for one move he made on Jesse Wentland and Vince Friese, put him in fifth on the final lap.

Martin Davalos was untouchable after taking the lead on lap one. He was notably faster than his competition, nearly half second quicker than Adam Cianciarulo on the stopwatch, and ahead by a sizeable distance in the final moments. With the first win of his career in sight, Davalos slowed his pace on the last lap and made a number of mistakes. Still, this was not enough to keep the veteran from taking the victory. Teammate Adam Cianciarulo claimed second place, and Justin Bogle completed the podium in third.

Main Event Results
1. Martin Davalos
2. Adam Cianciarulo
3. Justin Bogle
4. Blake Wharton
5. Blake Baggett
6. Vince Friese
7. Jimmy Decotis
8. Cole Thompson
9. Matt Lemoine
10. Mitch Oldenburg
11. Jesse Wentland
12. Kyle Cunningham
13. AJ Catanzaro
14. Justin Starling
15. Gannon Audette
16. Alex Martin
17. Gavin Faith
18. Jace Owen
19. Ryan Zimmer
20. Anthony Rodriguez
21. Matt Bisceglia
22. Kyle Peters
Monster Energy Supercross 250 East Coast Championship Points Standings (After 2 of 9 rounds):
1. Adam Cianciarulo (47pts/1 win)
2. Martin Davalos (45pts/1 win)
3. Blake Baggett (38pts)
4. Justin Bogle (36pts)
5. Vince Friese (33pts)
6. Blake Wharton (32pts)
7. Cole Thompson (28pts
8. Kyle Cunningham (22pts)
9. Mitchell Oldenburg (22pts)
10. Jimmy Decotis (20pts)

450 Supercross Class

450 Heat One

Justin Brayton safely skirted the inside line of the first turn aboard his JGRMX/Toyota/NFab/Yamaha and claimed the holeshot in the first 450 heat of the night, but was overtaken by Ryan Villopoto by the end of the first lap. Once in the lead, the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider controlled the tempo and claimed the win by over three and a half seconds.

While Villopoto put in time at the front of the pack, the race's most intense action unfolded just spots behind. Red Bull KTM's Ken Roczen closed on Brayton for second place, and the two fought for the spot in the remaining laps. Roczen's jump combinations in the long rhythm lane allowed the rookie to reel in the Yamaha rider, but Brayton managed to carry more speed through the dual whoop sections. A pair of mistakes by Brayton, the first being his rear-wheel breaking loose on the flat section and then slow pass through the rollers let Roczen practically pull even in the final turn, but Brayton closed off the inside line and held on for the spot.

450 Heat One Results
1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Justin Brayton
3. Ken Roczen
4. Ryan Dungey
5. Ivan Tedesco
6. Andrew Short
7. Josh Hill
8. Phil Nicoletti
9. Chris Blose
10. Jimmy Albertson

450 Heat Two

GEICO Honda's Wil Hahn hustled through the first turn to take the holeshot, but James Stewart went to the lead with a pass around the outside of the second turn. From there, the Yoshimura Suzuki rider raced without issue and claimed the win, by just 1.158 seconds over Hahn.

Broc Tickle was on the move throughout the entire heat race. His moto began in third place, but a botched pass attempt to Wil Hahn on lap two caused his RCH/Soaring Eagle/Suzuki to stall in the turn just before the finish line. This would drop him to eighth place in the order, but he would fight back through the pack and battle with Mike Alessi for the fourth and final transfer. A quick run by Tickle through the whoops led to a clean pass in the following turn, but Alessi carved through the center of the next turn and drove into the side of Tickle. The impact shot Tickle off the track, put Alessi on the ground, and allowed Weston Pieck to sneak by for the final transfer.

450 Heat Two Results
1. James Stewart
2. Wil Hahn
3. Eli Tomac
4. Weston Peick
5. Kyle Chisholm
6. Josh Grant
7. Mike Alessi
8. Nick Wey
9. Justin Sipes
10. Nick Schmidt

450 Semi One

Andrew Short jumped to the front aboard his BTO Sports KTM, with Broc Tickle, Josh Grant, and Matt Goerke in tow. JGRMX/Toyota/NFab/Yamaha's Grant and BTO Sports KTM's Goerke would ultimately begin their own encounter for third, which would see MotoSport.com/Crossland Racing's Jimmy Albertson sneak in to make it a three-racer run for the spot.

Tickle used every inch of the track in his efforts to take the lead from Short, but his advances were shutdown by the veteran in every turn and straightway. After a rough run through the whoops by Tickle, the Suzuki rider settled for second place behind Short.

450 Semi One Results
1. Andrew Short
2. Broc Tickle
3. Josh Grant
4. Jimmy Albertson
5. Matt Goerke
6. Nick Wey
7. Nick Schmidt
8. Alex Nagy
9. Phil Nicoletti
10. Adam Enticknap

450 Semi Two

Mike Alessi fired off a trademark holeshot in the second semi of the night and despite fevered pursuit by CycleTrader.com/Rock River/Yamaha's Kyle Chisholm, the Smartop/MotoConcepts Racing rider controlled the entire race. While Alessi ran uncontested at the front, RCH/Soaring Eagle/Suzuki's Josh Hill moved up the charts, first by Rockstar Energy Racing KTM's Ivan Tedesco and then by privateer Chris Blose at the finish line for third.

450 Semi Two Results
1. Mike Alessi
2. Kyle Chisholm
3. Josh Hill
4. Chris Blose
5. Ivan Tedesco
6. Ronnie Stewart
7. Les Smith
8. Justin Sipes
9. Tevin Tapia
10. Austin Howell

450 LCQ

Justin Sipes had control of the 450 LCQ from the start, and the fight for second place by Nick Wey, Phil Nicoletti, and Nick Schmidt assisted the Kentucky privateer's pace. Wey withstood the attacks by JGRMX/Toyota/NFab/Yamaha's Nicoletti, and the Mafia Motorsports captain managed to close on the leader with a lap to go, but the small gap was too much to close in the short time.

450 LCQ Results
1. Justin Sipes
2. Nick Wey
3. Phil Nicoletti
4. Nick Schmidt

450 Main Event

Mike Alessi launched ahead of James Stewart, Ken Roczen, Ryan Villopoto, and Ryan Dungey to take the early lead in the 450 main event. Stewart began to pressure Alessi for the spot early in the race, but the Yoshimura Suzuki rider lost his front-end in one turn and dropped from second to twenty-second in a matter of moments. This crash allowed Alessi to further distance himself from now-second place runner Roczen, and the Smartop/MotoConcepts Racing rider spent the first five laps in control. The Red Bull KTM rider made a bid for the lead with an inside line before the finish on one of the first laps, but the lack of speed forced him to roll the following jump and gave Ryan Villopoto second place. Defending champion Villopoto moved into the lead with a fast pass on Alessi when entering a hairpin turn, and Roczen followed suit in the next corner. The two training partners would run in this order for the majority of the main event, with Villopoto inching away thanks to a series of faster laps. On lap fifteen, Villopoto applied too much throttle in a flat corner and sent the rear of his Monster Energy Kawasaki sideways on the approach of a triple. This mistake forced him to roll the jump and Roczen jumped by to take over the lead.

While Villopoto and Roczen battled for the lead, Ryan Dungey ran to third place. The Red Bull KTM rider was in the running for the lead in the early moments of the main, but the time it took for him to get by Alessi was enough for the Villopoto and Roczen to inch away. GEICO Honda's Wil Hahn found his way into fourth place midway through the moto and the rookie spent the remainder of the race unchallenged for the spot, while JGRMX/Toyota/NFab/Yamaha's Justin Brayton finished the top five.

Main Event Results
1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Villopoto
3. Ryan Dungey
4. Wil Hahn
5. Justin Brayton
6. Mike Alessi
7. Broc Tickle
8. Weston Peick
9. Josh Grant
10. Andrew Short
11. James Stewart
12. Matt Goerke
13. Josh Hill
14. Ivan Tedesco
15. Chris Blose
16. Nick Wey
17. Kyle Chisholm
18. Jimmy Albertson
19. Justin Sipes
20. Nick Schmidt
21. Eli Tomac
22. Phil Nicoletti
Monster Energy Supercross 450 Championship Points Standings (After 8 of 17 rounds):
1. Ryan Villopoto (166pts/2 wins)
2. Ken Roczen (157pts/2 wins)
3. James Stewart (140pts/2 wins)
4. Ryan Dungey (136pts)
5. Justin Brayton (130pts)
6. Chad Reed (111pts/2 wins)
7. Justin Barcia (109pts)
8. Andrew Short (94pts)
9. Wil Hahn (83pts)
10. Broc Tickle (77pts)