Davi Millsaps | Canada, Eh?

The Donut Heads North For the Summer


Davi Millsaps was at Glen Helen Raceway this morning, burning laps on a KTM 450 SX-F that was adorned with his old #118. After racing the Monster Energy Supercross Series with team BTO Sports KTM, Millsaps will head north of the border to compete in the Canadian MX Nationals for the Canadian factory KTM team. We chatted him up for a few…

I know you had planned to take the summer off and spend some time at Havasu, but it looks like you’re racing in Canada instead. When did the deal come together?

Honestly I don’t know when it all started; probably around the time I got hurt this year in Supercross. It didn’t come together that quickly, actually, and it just got all buttoned up a little while ago. Yeah, I had planned on taking the summer off, but there was a chance to continue racing and earn some good money, so of course I would want to go. KTM and Forrest Butler did me a favor this year by giving me a ride for Supercross, and KTM wanted me to go to Canada to try and win a championship, so of course I accepted. You gotta do what you gotta do.

So what’s the official team name?

(Laughs) I honestly don’t know yet. I mean you can look at the bike and it has Thor and Parts Unlimited logos on it, so maybe KTM/Thor/Parts Unlimited? It’s the factory KTM effort in Canada. This is my same bike that I raced the Las Vegas Supercross on, with outdoor suspension. Kaven Benoit and Cole Thompson are my teammates and Jean-Sebastien Roy is the team manager. I’m excited.


What are your thoughts about spending the summer north of the border? Expectations?

(Laughs) Bringing back the days of the 118 versus 800 battles! It should be fun!

Yeah I noticed the 118 is back for Canada. So Mike Alessi and Vince Friese will be there too…

And Brett Metcalfe, Matt Goerke, Colton Facciotti, my teammate Benoit…good times, good times! It’s ten rounds, 20 races, and one exhibition race, too.


How do you go from the mindset of taking the summer off and enjoying vacation with your family, to traveling all over Canada and racing instead?

Once you ink your name to that paper and commit to something, your mindset changes. I’ll be wracking up the million miler awards, that’s for sure. Would it have been nice to be in the water this summer? Yeah. But I have the chance to race for a championship with some great backing, and earn a nice salary to support my family. Times are tough man, I had to pick up my necklace in the middle of the race last weekend. You gotta do what you gotta do. (Laughs)

Have you raced in Canada before?

Aside from the Toronto SX, no. It’s gonna be fun. I am looking forward to seeing some new places and racing on some new tracks.

Millsaps and his Team Manager for the summer, legendary Canadian racer Jean-Sebastien Roy.

Millsaps and his Team Manager for the summer, legendary Canadian racer Jean-Sebastien Roy.