Davi Millsaps | Talks About His New Ride

Davi Millsaps

Davi Millsaps has had a difficult injury-riddled year, keeping him out of racing for the entire season. His latest foot injury, though, occurred during pre-season Supercross testing and it has been nagging him ever since. Multiple surgeries were required before doctors determined that the bone wasn't healing and a final bone graft was required to allow the bone to heal. Throughout that time, Davi returned to riding only to find out the bone wasn't fully healed. But now, with his foot fully pieced back together, he is aboard a Factory Kawasaki machine and looking forward to the next two years of his racing career. We caught up with him out at Milestone MX Park while he got to spin his first laps aboard the new bike.

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How have things been going?

“Obviously, I had a rough year with injuries and whatnot, and the last injury that I had came about in April. It took until recently for me to get released to ride. I worked with my team [at the time] to try and figure out what was going on with that. I got released [by the doctor] to ride so late in the season that it really didn't make any sense to continue and ride the remaining rounds of the outdoor series. I've since gone on to my future venture, and I've been talking to Kawasaki for a while, trying to get it done. I'm pumped to be here.”

Last time we spoke, you were dealing with a foot injury. Is that 100 percent now?

“Yeah, I had a couple surgeries on it to try and figure out what was going on with it, and we finally did. Once we got a handle on it, it healed pretty quickly. It's good to go now. Like I said, I got released to ride maybe about last week or so—I don't really remember the exact date, because time is going by too fast (laughs). But I did just recently get released to ride.”

Davi Millsaps

Davi’s first day back on the bike was merely to get his feet wet and swing a leg over his new bike.

People might not fully understand why you were out for the whole year with a foot injury. Was it pretty serious?

“No it wasn't. It was one bone that just wouldn't heal. It was my fifth metatarsal that wouldn't heal. The problem was that we didn't find the partial non-union until April. I had three surgeries prior to April to see what was wrong with it and try to fix it, and then it came about that it was only 40 percent healed. Once we found out that it was only 40 percent healed, the doctor went in, did a bone graft, put in some plates and screws, and I'm good to go now.”

Do you think people might say, "He's been riding on and off. It couldn't have been that bad of an injury"?

“Yeah, I've been riding on and off. I think I rode about every four to six weeks and then I'd be out for another two and a half months. It was kind of a tough situation for myself. The foot injury played a big part in all of this and how it went down. It was a tough situation, but I'm pumped with where I'm at now.”

Davi Millsaps

Davi plans to use the first few weeks on his new bike to get the controls and suspension set up before diving back into Supercross. Lots of suspension swaps and bars adjustments took place during his initial ride.

It's your first day on the bike. How has it been going for you so far? I mean, you only have a couple motos on the Kawasaki so far.

“I wouldn't say motos; it's been more like laps (laughs). It's going really well. It's obviously been three months since I've been on a dirt bike, so being on a new bike as well as riding again has been a bit of a shock. But I'm just pumped to be riding again and excited to get going and work towards Supercross for next year.”

What have you been up to while you were away from racing and riding?

“I've been going nuts (laughs). Every time I got back to riding, my foot injury would pop back up and we wouldn't know why. Then it would go away, and pop back up again. I've been dealing with that and it's been stressful trying to get that healed. Other than that, I've just been hanging out with the family and trying to get my deal done for the next two years. Getting into shape has been a big thing for me too. Even though I wasn't released to ride a dirt bike, I was released to ride a mountain bike and a road bike, so I did that as much as possible. It helped me to stay in shape off the bike, so that when I got back on the bike, it wasn't such a culture shock to my body. I've been trying to stay in shape and just hanging out. It was a sucky year for sure, and I would've loved to have been racing, but this is part of it, and it is what it is.”

Davi Millsaps

The immediate goal for Davi and his new team is to hit Monster Cup in a couple months.

What's your plan for the next few months?

“I want to do a couple weeks of outdoors and get back into the swing of things. I just want to get the handlebars, brakes, clutch, and suspension to where it's rideable for as fast as I'm going. I then want to go into Supercross and work towards Monster Cup and obviously Anaheim I.”