David Bailey, Anaheim, January 18, 1986

”I’m David Bailey and on Saturday night, January 18, 1986 before 71,000 fans in Anaheim Stadium, I won what many fans believe to be the greatest single race in American supercross history. For nearly 20 laps, my teammate Rick Johnson and I rode for all we were worth, passing each other repeatedly. It took everything I had to beat Rick that night. So much so that I could barely get off my bike when it was all over.

“That evening, I was wearing a blue, white and glo-orange JT Racing ALS helmet, the number “6” on each side.

“20 years, almost to the day, have passed since that incredible evening in Orange County. To commemorate the race, as well as that phenomenal era of U.S. motocross, One Industries and I worked together to create and design the Trooper Bailey 1986 Replica Helmet. They say fashion is cyclical and everything comes around again. To that end, I hope you find the Trooper Bailey 1986 Replica as inspirational and retroactively cool as I do.”

In the late eighties, Mark Blanchard began his design career at JT Racing in San Diego. While developing products at JT, Blanchard was heavily influenced by Bailey’s riding style, as well as the striking, highly evolved ALS. So much so that 20 years later, Blanchard co-founder of ONE Industries, pitched Bailey the idea of creating the Trooper Bailey 1986 Replica Helmet. 

“We always felt like David kind of got the short end of the stick a number of times throughout his career,” says Ludo, co-founder of One Industries. “We realized the 20th anniversary of the greatest supercross race ever was coming up on January 18, 2006. Following our recent and successful venture into the helmet industry, we thought the idea of recreating David’s helmet would be a great tribute to him and his achievements in the sport of motocross. When we ran the idea by David and he saw the first artist renderings, he was very touched. So much so that he immediately went to work in further designing the details of the helmet.”

One Industries and David Bailey present the limited edition Trooper Bailey 1986 Replica Helmet, complete with a set of chrome #6 and old school decal sheet. Available now at the finest motorcycle dealers worldwide, the Trooper Bailey 1986 Replica Helmet is a fusion of style, technology, design and input from a legendary racer who won four AMA SX and MX Championships during his storied career.

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