David Pingree


TransWorld Motocross: So David, tell us what’s new.

David Pingree: Well, to tell you the truth, I’m anxious to get these last four Nationals out of the way, and get ready for the Supercross season. I haven’t been able to get a break this year, and I’m ready for a fresh start in 2002.

TWMX: What are you planning for in 2002?

PING: I’m not sure what team I’m going with yet. I’m looking for a Supercross-only contract, and I’ve gotten offers from a few teams. So far, KTM has made me an offer, and it’s a good one. It’s definitely the most appealing of all of the offers, plus I really like being with KTM. Everyone I work with here is really cool, and great to work with. I’ll know in two weeks whether or not I’ll stay with KTM. It looks like it’s going to be that way, though.

TWMX: Why a 125 SX-only contract?

PING: Some people have called me a “125 lifer,” and it’s partially true. The 125 class pays well, and I think that I would have more success there than in the 250 class¿at least at the moment. In 2003, KTM is supposed to have a factory 250 team, and I’d like to have a spot on that team. As for the Supercross part of it, I don’t like the Nationals, and I never have liked them. I’m more of a Supercross rider, anyway.

TWMX: What’ll you do with your summer off?

PING: I think I’ll probably hit the waves and have some cold ones. No, I’m not really sure yet. I can promise you that I won’t be at any Nationals, though. I’ve been doing a lot of surfing lately, and I enjoy it (David can pull the meanest headstands on a longboard that you’ll ever see). I’ve also just been hanging out and bicycling to keep in shape.

TWMX: What about any ideas for the future: doctor, pilot, fireman, writer or philosopher?

PING: I’d like to be a team manager for a motocross team. That’s been my new plan. So far, I’ve gotten a few outside sponsors lined up that really want to get into motocross racing. That’s a little ways down the road, though. First I have to make it through Steel City.