David Vuillemin and BooKoo Split

David Vuillemin and the Boo Koo/Honda team have mutually decided to terminate their relationship together, after a season of disappointing finishes, culminating in an ankle injury for Vuillemin at the Daytona Supercross just over two weeks ago. Since crashing during his heat race at the rough Daytona track, Vuillemin has been absent from the races, and reportedly has flown to France to get his ankle examined. Currently, Vuillemin is in France, while Boo Koo is continuing along their path.

The two parties—Vuillemin and BooKoo/Honda—decided to split up after DV struggled to turn in results that he has grown accustomed to over the years, and, likewise, the team became increasingly frustrated with his finishes. When it was all said and done, the two parties split on good terms, and will both move on to other avenues.

Reportedly, BooKoo has hired Arenacross star Josh Demuth, and Supercross veteran Broc Sellards to fill in for the remainder of the season. BooKoo will also still field their Lites Class riders: Justin Keeney and Steve Boniface. As for Vuillemin, his future is uncertain, however; the word is that he might contest the outdoor season when the series begins in a few months.

As for now, that is the extent of the information released, however; stay tuned to TransWorld Motocross for more information. As we hear it we will pass it along to you.