David Vuillemin Ready for Red Bud

The Cobra started the year off with a Supercross season that anyone in motocross would be proud of. When the SX season was in full swing, The Cobra seemed to be in the best shape of his racing career. As the Nationals started up, Vuillemin did not fair as well as he did in the SX series. As it turns out, the Frenchman has been racing with a bone in his lower leg out of place for three races beginning at Hangtown. We talked to David this morning


TransWorld Motocross: You’ve recently had an ankle injury. How, and when did it happen?

David Vuillemin: It happened back in the first moto at Hangtown. I was dragging my foot through a rut, it caught on something, and I twisted it. I did not realize it then, but my fibula bone in my lower leg was out of place. I kept racing on it, and it kept getting worse and worse. When Southwick came, I just could not ride; the pain in my lower leg was so bad! I think I made it worse by riding with it like that. I had some therapy from a doctor down in Temecula, it seemed to help, but it did not fix it. I decided to go to back to France and have my doctor fix it. It is so much better now. It feels strong, and I can move it very well.

TWMX: Looking forward, what are your goals for the rest of the season in the AMA National series?

DV: The series still has seven races left, and anything can happen. You know one guy who looks fast right now is Kyle Lewis. He is riding very well the last few races. As for me, I just want to go out, and do the best that I possibly can. Right now, I am seventh in the point standings. I know that I can not win the National Championship this year. I will be happy if I get on the podium every weekend. I can’t control whatever else that happens around me.

TWMX: How much longer do you have on your Yamaha contract?

DV: My contract with Yamaha is through the end of next year, and I am happy with where I am right now. I am talking to some other companies as far as what I will be wearing next year for gear. That is still up in the air.

TWMX: I know that wearing the Oxbow gear this year was part of getting your trainer, Jacky Vimond to work with you. Are things still working out between you and Jacky?

DV: No, they’re not actually. It looks as though our relationship is over. He has had some problems with his visa getting in and out of the United States. He also wants a bigger piece of the pie and I am not willing to give him more. I learned a lot from him this past year. I wish it would be different, but that is business.

TWMX: You were engaged to your girlfriend Erica this year, have you two set a date for marriage yet?

DV: We want to get married, but there are so many things going on. It’s hard to find time to plan the whole thing. There is something going on every weekend, either a race or I have to be somewhere for something. I think it will be within the next year. We want to make it official.

TWMX: So will you return racing at the next race in the series–Red Bud?

DV: I will be ready for Red Bud!