Deaf Motocrosser Ashley Fiolek to be Featured on National Hit Motorcycle Show 2Xtreem

Florida rider Ashley Fiolek is to be featured on three upcoming 30 minute episodes of the hit motorcycle show 2Xtreem. The producer of 2Xtreem Joe Capicotti and his 2Xtreem crew of April Hodges, Chase Capicotti and David Buchman have always been impressed with Ashley’s skills on a motorcycle and dream of one day becoming the best women motocross rider in the world despite being Profoundly Deaf. Since Ashley is only 5’1″ and weighs 90 pounds soaking wet, it has been difficult for her to transition to something larger than a super mini. After seeing Ashley’s disadvantage of taking on full size 250cc four strokes on her super mini at Loretta’s this year the 2Xtreem crew decided it was time for them to build her a full size bike set up for her size and needs.

After speaking with Ashley’s dad Jim Fiolek, Joe and the 2Xtreem crew decided that not only do they want to build Ashley a bike, but also they want to bring this inspiring little girls story to the public’s eye. Joe stated, “After meeting Ashley for the first time you cannot help but just feel great about life. She just makes you smile and want to cheer her on to victory.”

The first show begins airing on 8/29/06. You can find out more about air dates and times by logging on to or calling Dragonlake Productions at 561 840-1337.