Decoster / Millsaps / Pingree / Miss Supercross / Monster Wes / on DMXS

If you are like me, this two-week break has derailed your normal schedule as well. We have crowned an East coast champ, but the West coast racing seems so long ago. Grant Langston actually had enough time to move to Florida during the break. That is just too long! With only 11 points separating the top 3, it must be hell for those guys to play out every scenario in their minds a million times. They are already well into outdoor testing but have to put in the laps on the SX track too while awaiting those pesky last two races. Either way, there is enough talent on both coasts to ensure a great showdown at the Vegas Shootout.

Roger Decoster, RC, and Team Suzuki are poised to add another championship to their mantle but that is not to say it’s been an easy year. There have been the FuelGate controversy and dealing with a healthy and mature James Stewart among other things. As the team prepares for the outdoors during the break, we will check in with The Man himself and hear his take on the year thus far. Davi Millsaps has already wrapped up his championship and has been in California testing the 450 for his debut in Dallas. I’m sure Honda will be carefully watching their prodigy to make a final decision about whether Davi will stay on a 450 outdoors. David Pingree has had a very busy few weeks. It was announced that he will be announcing the outdoors for TV this year and raced his first Supermoto race of the year last weekend. Oh yeah, he also passed some kidney stones and has plenty to say about that ordeal as well so it should be an entertaining interview. Brittney George has come a long way since being one of many to apply for the Miss Supercross gig last year. She not only has been doing well on the podium and at the races but had the opportunity to be the floor announcer while Erin Bates stepped up during Krista Vodas’ absence. She is quickly learning the ropes while working on her college degree in between race weekends and hopes to work in the sport she loves so much after graduating. She is sweet, beautiful, and smart and since we are none of those things we thought having her on would somehow make us look better. Monster Energy Drink’s Wes “Toast” Corbett is one of the most colorful characters in the pits. He is the official “Motorhome driver /Drink guy at the podium/ Product Promoter / and Wise ass, and will join us tonight for some good old bench racing.

Wonder Warthog racing will have welcome on Butler Brother’s Cole Siebler and GPS Racing’s Chris Blose on the Most Improved Privateers from Houston. They will both receive $1,000 for their WWR / Decal Works MIP honors.

Don’t forget to check out for information on this year’s charity golf tournament on the Friday before the Vegas SX. Also, the auction for the Asterisk’s Las Vegas Superpass Go for the Gold prizes started today so check out how you can win this once in a lifetime deal while helping out the Asterisk’s medical crew.