Decoster / Steve Whitelock / Troy Adams / Nate Adams on DMXS Tonight

Get well, Rookie!  We miss you at the races.

The noise you heard in Southern California was the collective sigh from all the riders after putting Anaheim 1 in the record books. Even though the normal hype was missing this year, there were plenty of frazzled nerves to go around. During the track walk you could hear the murmurings about the massive whoops and technical rhythm sections. They asked for harder tracks, and it looks like Dirt Wurx was listening. The good news for fans was that the top three came out of the first round still tight in the points battle. They all showed the speed at one time or another so let the games begin. The Lites class had its share of drama with both the veterans and rookies. Ryan Villopoto picked right up where he left off at Glen Helen in his debut SX race, but Alessi struggled and Jason Lawrence failed to make the main. Langston knows how to win a championship and showed his resolve with a 4th place finish after an early crash. Nathan Ramsey had a rough night but you know he will be in the chase all year long. Andrew Short had some unfinished business after his disappointing season last year and showed up with speed to spare. The first salvo of the season has been fired and Phoenix is just three days away.

Roger Decoster has just about seen it all in this sport, but that does little to diminish his drive to always improve. Roger has been pounding out the laps on the test track right along RC to make sure the bike setup is perfect. A lot of people don’t know that, but it’s just another example of his dedication to the team. Roger had a scheduling conflict last week, but he will join us tonight after his moto. Watching a sidelined racer is a bit like seeing a caged bird. Sure they are still pretty and can whistle a tune, but it’s not their natural setting. Seeing our good friend, TroyAdams at Anaheim reminded of that bird. Can you imagine seeing your meticulously prepared Pro-Circuit bike sitting in the pits at the biggest race of the year and having to watch the race from the stands? Riders wait their entire careers for a ride like that and Troy will have to wait a little longer. He is making great progress since snapping his femur several weeks ago at the practice track. Troy will give us the latest on his recovery and when we can expect to see him debut his dream ride. Steve Whitelock is the sheriff in these here parts and if you don’t like it you can kiss his ass. As the AMA honcho at the races, he has seen his share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Steve will catch us up on any new or proposed rules that will impact this year and beyond. DMXS is all about spreading the love and Nate Adams is the meat in our love sandwich tonight. It’s time to get an update on the freestyle scene and see what comps Nate will be at this year after recovering from a serious injury.

You might know Dennis Albrewczynski as his alter ego, Alphado on many moto boards. Alph is a long time DMXS supporter and covers some local racing and also contributes to several MX publications. Unfortunately, his time tonight will be spent exposing the controversial Mini SuperMoto Championship won buy Jason “Weege” Weigandt at The Lube. Alphado will detail the events that he believes helped “steal” the championship away from him. Of course, Weege will be on to rebuke, “Any and all statements that try to diminish the championship or it’s rightful winner.” Jason added, “I’ll be at home polishing the 6-foot trophy while Alph-Fade-Do rambles on.” Don’t miss round one of this cage match series.

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