Decoster / Whitelock / Bevo / & The lovely Erin Bates on DMXS Tonight

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m sure everyone needed a little break and it gave us time to catch our breath after Orlando. Pastrana will make his much anticipated return in Dallas and called into the show last week to let us know he is ready. I want to take this opportunity to please insist that we do not have the rash of dumb ass April fools’ posts about riders being injured or the like. It’s never funny, and is more played out than Donald Trump hair jokes. You have been warned, so expect to be beaten down like a rented mule if you do not comply.

Roger Decoster has built himself quite the little empire this year. You can bet he is taking nothing for granted and will continue to shed the blood sweat and tears along with his riders until the last lap at Glen Helen. I invited Roger back on to discuss the year thus far as he looks to the quick approaching outdoor season as well. Steve Whitelock is usually never mentioned unless a fan and a turd hitting it are involved. While no apparent spattering has occurred, I thought we could let the AMA Godfather set the record straight on a few things after Orlando. Other than the obvious two minute warning rule, we will ask him about the prevent defense, clock management, and if instant replay has a future in our sport. I for one would love to see Steve in a full blown Footlocker referee uniform, complete with the coaches shorts and a whistle, cracking a few heads down there. Some people are so damn cool they only need one name. There are Oprah, Tiger, Madonna and Prince to name a few, but our sport has Bevo . Other than holding three consecutive break dancing titles from 1982-85, Bevo is also the man behind Scott goggles and will take direct credit for Reed’s recent wins. We love him and always look forward to hearing from our East coast brethren. Erin Bates is a tall glass of water on a hot summer day. She also happens to be a very cool woman and great at her job as an SX announcer down on the battlefield. She has been around the sport for a while and is a diehard fan so we wanted to give her some love and props DMXS style. In the meantime, check out her web site

WWR and Chad McCan will welcome Rich Eggett from on the program tonight. I always wanted to ask them what happens if they sell a bike between the heat race and the main. I would always bring mine back to the rig dirty, and spill some oil under the engine on the stand so they would buy my teammate’s bike instead. Seriously, they are a great company who has a website for people to list their bikes, snow sleds, RV’s. They also have a WWR discount promo code and contribute to other motorcycle related charities. Give back to those that give to our sport.

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