Dirt Wurx Lends Helping Hand To Steve Hudson¿s SX/MX Ministry

World¿s premier supercross/motocross track design and construction company signs on as a sponsor for popular friend/minister to the SX/MX industry

ANN ARBOR, Mich., (Jan. 25, 2005) ¿ Having been friends for some time, Dirt Wurx USA¿s Rich Winkler and minister Steve Hudson recently came to terms on a friendly sponsorship deal that will see to it Hudson has a rental car each and every week at the supercross races ¿ courtesy of Dirt Wurx.

¿I know Steve¿s in a tough situation sometimes, having to dig into his own pocket to get to the races,¿ said Winkler. ¿So I figured I¿d give him a hand, much like he does to all sorts of other people in this supercross family.¿

So Winkler approached Hudson and his SX/MX Ministry, and the good-natured Hudson accepted.

¿When Rich found out I wasn¿t coming to the races because of money, he said `I want to help. I think I can knock away a little bit of it (expenses),¿¿ said Hudson. ¿I said `Sweet!¿ So now my rental car tab is picked up by Dirt Wurx.¿

Hudson continued: ¿I¿ve know Rich for some time, since I first started hanging out at the races. I was always impressed, as would any working man, as to how tough a job Rich and the other guys at Dirt Wurx have. When I¿d get a chance, and Rich wasn¿t busy, I¿d strike up a conversation with him. We quickly became buddies and have kept in touch ever since.¿

Winkler says that Hudson is always a welcome face not only around he and his crew, but with all the people that make up the supercross tour ¿ from racers and mechanics to AMA officials and the truck drivers.

¿Steve has that calming effect that we sometimes need, and always look forward to during the weeks on end when we¿re on the road,¿ said Winkler. ¿It doesn¿t really matter if you¿re religious or not, Steve¿s always there with a smile, friendly advice and a pat on the back for doing a good job. I think I can speak for the entire tour when I say it¿s great to have him around and Dirt Wurx is happy to lend a hand to get Steve to the races.¿

Note: Anyone interested in joining Dirt Wurx in helping Steve Hudson¿s SX/MX Ministry can contact Mitch Barnes at (502) 594-8245 or mitchfwc@aol.com.

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