Dirt Wurx USA Teams Up With High Profile Public Relations (HPPR)

World¿s premier supercross/motocross track design and construction company will use HPPR as its PR agency of record for the 2004/¿05 season and beyond

ANN ARBOR, Mich., (Oct. 28, 2004) ¿ High Profile Public Relations, LLC announced today that it has worked a deal to become the PR agency of record for world¿s premier supercross/motocross design and construction company – Dirt Wurx USA.

¿I¿ve worked with Pat Schutte for a number of years. He was successful during his time with PACE (now Clear Channel Entertainment) in working on a number of stories with us for both the mainstream and construction industry press,¿ said Rich Winkler, President of Dirt Wurx USA. ¿Pat also has established a great rapport within the motocross community through his work with the National Promoters Group. Dirt Wurx USA is continuing to grow in both the professional and amateur track design and construction areas and we¿re looking to Pat¿s new company, HPPR, to take charge of guiding our publicity efforts.¿

In addition to being the exclusive track designer and construction company for the THQ World Supercross GP/THQ AMA Supercross Series races put on by CCE, Dirt Wurx is known throughout the industry as the leader in global track design and construction for both supercross and motocross. Winkler added that HPPR¿s strategy will be beneficial to not only Dirt Wurx USA, but to the overall publicity of the sport in general.

¿An NFL or MLB stadium, covered by all of that beautiful, green playing surface is really considered to be hallowed ground by people living in those host cities,¿ explained Winkler. ¿So it¿s definitely a spectacle when you pile 600-plus truckloads of dirt onto the floor of a stadium and start moving it around with heavy equipment, sculpting it into what will become a supercross track ¿ right there where that familiar, pristine playing field sat only days before.

¿With that in mind, Pat will work in cooperation with CCE for additional advance publicity on the entire supercross experience, including the story surrounding move in, construction and move out with Dirt Wurx USA.¿

Winkler continued: ¿We¿ve also got some exciting plans in the works with amateur track construction at both public and private facilities. Having a private practice track is a common dream for a lot of riders. The perception is that it is only achievable by the rich and famous. Dirt Wurx USA wants to focus some attention on this part of our business, working to make this `affordable dream¿ come true for amateur riders around the world.¿

Dirt Wurx USA – the premier SX/MX track design and construction company in the world ¿ is the exclusive supercross race track design and construction firm for Clear Channel Entertainment and the THQ World Supercross GP/THQ AMA Supercross Series. With more than 15 years of global experience in the field, Dirt Wurx USA¿s highly talented crew of designers and heavy equipment specialists not only build the world¿s most visible tracks, but are also accessible for affordable track design and construction at the local level. For more information, please visit www.dirtwurx.com.

High Profile Public Relations, LLC is a multi-faceted communications agency specializing in strategic media relations ¿ both industry and mainstream ¿ for the powersports and action sports communities. Dialed in with all forms of power and action sports, its participants, manufacturers and live event promoters, HPPR¿s Pat Schutte can be reached at (734) 369-2170 and pat@highprofilepr.com. For more information, please visit www.highprofilepr.com.