Dirt Wurx Wins Battle With California Rains; Receives Some Big Props On SX Track Building Efforts From Top Racers, CCE & AMA

After pulling off three `miracle¿ tracks in rain-soaked Cali, Dirt Wurx¿s Rich Winkler and crew are stoked to travel back east to the domed stadiums

ATLANTA (Feb. 24, 2005) ¿ It¿s been, without a doubt, the most difficult year ever for building stadium supercross tracks in California. With record rainfall and less-that-ideal soil conditions, Dirt Wurx USA had to step up on numerous occasions and show why they¿re the world¿s No. 1 track builders – sculpting safe, competitive and entertaining race tracks in what amounted to three virtual quagmires at Anaheim 1, San Francisco and San Diego.

¿We saw first hand at San Francisco and San Diego that hard work paid off and we were able to salvage a race despite the tough conditions,¿ said Kevin Windham of the AMSOIL/Factory Connection/Chaparral/Honda team. ¿Anaheim 1 as well, which took even more work. Rich and his crew not only worked hard to prepare the tracks, but also to insure that the water didn¿t get back onto it.¿

Windham continued: ¿What Rich and Dirt Wurx envision, put on paper then transform inside a stadium is nothing short of amazing. They¿re artists. Even the guys that rent the equipment can¿t believe what Dirt Wurx can do with a pile of dirt.¿

Another racer who¿s intimate with the operation side of building a supercross track is Mike LaRocco, Windham¿s teammate at AMSOIL/Factory Connection/Chaparral/Honda.

¿I operate equipment and work on my own tracks, so I¿m very familiar with the incredible amount of effort it takes to prepare and maintain a good track in rainy conditions,¿ said LaRocco. ¿Rich and his crew have done a great job despite the weather out here in California.¿

Dirt Wurx, which has been building AMA supercross tracks for the past 15 years, and more recently FIM supercross tracks as well, is no stranger to the occasional `mudder¿ – with races such as Seville, Spain last year coming to mind. But to start the season as they did at Anaheim 1 and have to work through two additional difficult situations at San Francisco and San Diego, it¿s definitely been a trying season thus far for Winkler and this talented crew.

¿We¿re barely halfway through the season and this is definitely the toughest year we¿ve faced in our 15 year history of building these tracks,¿ said Winkler. ¿I can¿t say enough for the Dirt Wurx crew and the guys at Clear Channel, like floor supervisor Jeff Opelt and the `Dirt Czar,¿ Lenny Fuller. And, along with the AMA, we¿ve pulled together as a team to make these races ¿ in less than favorable conditions ¿ safe for the racers and enjoyable for the fans.¿

Speaking of safety, one person with a wary eye on the track building operations is the  Steve Whitelock, the AMA¿s Supercross Series Manager. He recalls the effort Dirt Wurx put forth in San Francisco.

¿San Francisco was very, very wet ¿ basically the place was flooded,¿ said Whitelock. ¿With some clever thinking and last minute track design modifications, Dirt Wurx managed to get us a raceable race track for Saturday night ¿ which was quite amazing. These guys are definitely a very good crew when it comes to building this kind of stuff. They know exactly what they¿re doing and how to do it.¿

Finally, Clear Channel¿s Senior Director of Supercross, Todd Jendro, added that the advance preparation and planning with Dirt Wurx and the AMA that goes into anticipating the inclement weather plays a crucial role in making for good racing despite the conditions.

¿Clear Channel and Dirt Wurx are no strangers to inclement weather,¿ said Jendro. ¿From El Nino (¿98) to San Diego last week, we’ve work closely with Dirt Wurx in advancee of the races and come together as a team so we¿re prepared to put on a great stadium motorsports event such as supercross – rain or shine. Dirt Wurx has done a highly commendable job in the tough conditions this year, continuing to solidify its position as the foremost authority on supercross track design and construction.¿

Rich Winkler and the Dirt Wurx crew are at Atlanta¿s Georgia Dome this weekend (Feb. 26) for round eight of the 2005 THQ/AMA Supercross Series.

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