DMSX Tonight

The Pride and Prejudice movie title could be used to summerize the baffling sub plot to the always entertaining Bercy Supercross. I am guessing that the Alessi involvement was just a cruel twist of fate and an even more cruel coincidence after the dust had finally settled after Glen Helen. It seemed the US vs. France battle royale may have happened over a complete misunderstanding after all, but more on that later. (Insert your own Threes Company “Misunderstanding” plot line here.) With the prideful salvos exchanged between riders and camps, we hope to sort our way through the BS and spin tonight. I know this is silly season, but come on! At least no one set any bikes on fire.

Andrew Short ended up winning the Bercy race, and was a bit overshadowed by the drama on and off the track. We wanted to give Andrew his proper credit and hear his side of the weekend in the City of Lights. I know Andrew did not have the SX season he wanted last year, so include him on your title contender list in 06. Nick Wey is adjusting to marital bliss and the “changes” all married people already know about. After his recent recovery from knee surgery, Nick will jump on a 450 for the indoors. We will see how he is progressing as the season is just a few short weeks away. David Pingree is a bit of a nomad after his retirement and keeps the world travelers¿ stories coming as an editor at Racer X. David was voted as one of our top five guests of all time and he never disappoints. Ping has a puppy training class tonight but will join us right after for a West coast update. Jason Weigandt is constantly in the lower percentage in our voting, but we always make time for our old friend. Weege was at Bercy and has some unbelievable stories and first hand accounts you won¿t want to miss. Love him or hate him, Steve Cox will be heard. Affectionately know as MXWordNerd, Steve has been covering this sport for many years and will make a little time for us tonight. Steve will give a unique insight to the behind-the-scenes machinery that drives our sport and give us a peak behind Oz¿s curtain. The ripple effects may be felt throughout the industry, and across a certain pond.

In honor of Johnny Cash, we will feature his music tonight on the show. Be sure and catch, Walk the Line this weekend.

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