DMXS (12/8/04)

The first round of the WSX season is behind us, and while a lot of questions were answered, the key players that were absent spoke volumes about what is yet to come. The anticipation is palatable and the upcoming Vancouver round will do little to slow the runaway train of hype with a one way ticket to Anaheim 1. Regardless, it was great to see RC flying his new colors while hauling the mail, and it was cool to see Red Dog back in the saddle while the patriarch Larocco continued to secure his place in the hearts of the fans yet again. Yes, the season is upon us, and the sweet smell of premix and two-strokes are back in the air. Thank you, Santa.

Davey Coombs has seen a lot in his day, and we always welcome his view in speculative times such as these. DC was smack dab in the middle of all the action in Toronto, and we will have him give us a race recap and shake down both classes when the series heads South of the border. David Bailey just returned from a much needed break in Hawaii. DB returns with his batteries charged and some insight on our sport today as only the Icon can. Josh Hansen must have one of those funny carnival mirrors in his semi that makes him look like he is buff. What other sane reason is there for Lil Hany to go all NBA on a security dude that kept him from making the gate last weekend. Let¿s face it. He is a bit on the boney side. I¿m not saying his legs are too skinny, but when he wears shorts, it looks like he is riding an ostrich. Hany is always fun to have on and we will get the real story behind the Canadian headlock and his new KTM ride for 05. The mechanic is the unsung hero in our sport. No other position carries so much responsibility with such little recognition as the “wrench.” Darrin Sorensen will spend countless hours preparing Chad Reed¿s bike for battle at A1. With so much competition this year, the only thing most people agree on is that a DNF will take you right out of that championship battle. Darrin has the YZ250 service manual book on tape series, and listens to it while he sleeps. We will catch up with him just before he tucks himself in tonight.

9:00 pm Eastern