dmxs (1/5/05)

Anaheim 1 is just three days away and just when you think the drama could not be thicker, Mother Nature throws her hand into the pot and raises the ante. As the Dirt Wurx crew struggles to prepare the battlefield, the fans and industry alike are uneasy as they have waited patiently for “The Perfect Storm,” and now it seems that rain and mud might play as important a role as preparation and training for round one. As this race will surely set in motion, the course of ’05 and the future, we thought it was an appropriate time to pay respect to those whose shoulders we stand upon today. This year has been compared to the talent depth and epic racing of the 80’s and we are honored to welcome several riders that help shape the decade that we recall with such sentiment. David Bailey, Rick Johnson, and Broc Glover were truly great riders and ambassadors for the sport and continue to help the next generation with their respected participation still today. We will look back and bench race some of the epic battles and title chases that secured these riders a place in the record books, and in the fabric of the sport forever. As we all look to 05 with tangible anticipation for the greatest season ever, don┬┐t forget the riders that hold the standard by which we will ultimately judge.

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