DMXS 3/2/05

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Well, we made it through last weekend. The RedBull DMXS party on Friday, one of the best nights of SX racing on Saturday, and our Ride 4 A/T on Sunday. Good times! It was great to see some old friends and DMXS faithful in our hometown of Atlanta. We wanted to thank all those that came out and supported the ride, and even though the weather sucked, we were able to raise almost $24,000 in a single day for the A/T Children’s Project. Can’t wait for next year. DMXS are taking their carnival on the road next week as we will be doing a live broadcast from Main Street in Daytona during bike week. Stay tuned for more details.

Speaking of Daytona and Gary Bailey’s Advanced SX Survival Training Course, his lovely son was by our side last weekend and will join us tonight for a fireside chat. David Bailey will also be one of the announcers for the Speed TV broadcast, so those that are still on a hunger strike, it’s time to throw down some bacon double cheeseburgers and onion rings….HE IS BACK! Jason Wegaindt was laying down some serious Elaine from Seinfield disco moves on the dance floor Friday night, and after assuring the paramedics he was not having a seizure, continued into the wee hours. Jason was also at the race, and spent the night in our studio, so I’m sure some great stories are yet untold. Shane Yeagin from Tucker Rocky donated some great stuff for our ride. He was kicking out VIP passes to Orlando and Daytona like a Pez dispenser, and helped raise a bunch of money. Shane will join us tonight to explain to Dan Marino where in the hell his tickets went.

Chad McCan will welcome Sean Hamblin as the MIPOTW, and our Southern brother Donnie “Sporty” McGourty as POTW. Chad is not just a host, but a sponsor of WWR. We will hear what his company Blue Virtual can do for your website needs.