DMXS 5/26/04

The eternal right of passage continues with another graduation season upon us. We have a few graduating seniors to help out with tonight’s show. Ivan Tedesco was a member of the yearbook staff, German club, and the women¿s field hockey mascot. Unfortunately, he never got any dates from the field hockey gig. Hot Sauce wrote in my year book, “DMXS was fun, it was cool having you in History class, have a great summer and I¿ll see ya next year.” Those kind words prompted me to get Ivan on the show tonight. We can finally put to rest the Hangtown crash controversy, and see how Ivan feels for Highpoint. Grant Langston was our exchange student from South Africa, but we love him like one of our own. Grant was often in detention, and was kept out of graduation ceremonies because of an unfortunate mooning incident and for practicing starts on the principal¿s lawn. Grant was grounded from the phone for last weeks show, but everything is “cool now.” Eric Vallejo was another transfer student that really just won over our hearts. Eric so eloquently wrote in my year book, ” Leave me alone nerd and take down those shirtless pictures of me in your locker.” Oh yes, the worry free days of youth. Don¿t miss the pep rally tonight.

WWR continues to fuel the eternal flame of the privateer. Tonight they welcome the Women¿s Privateer of the Week, Philo Petricig (pronounced girl ride faster than you). Also, Donn Maeda from ATV Monthly will join us amid rumors he cut the finger off an employee for trash talking. That is quite harsh, but the ATV business is rough.

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