DMXS (9/22/04)

This is DMXS, and we don’t even have a Swiftboat, so don’t ask us for a ride. The nationals are once again part of the record books, and attention turns to a brief off-season before the U.S. Open and the Supercross juggernaut truly begins. The withdrawals are already starting, and I had to attend the local carnival last weekend to help pass some time. I made a few observations about this unique experience, especially in Georgia. I’m not sure how they do it, but every carnival worker always had a contentiously lit cigarette, but I never saw any of them lite one. I don’t know about you, but I love flicking ashes off my daughter’s head after the carnie wearing sunglasses at 9 o’clock at night, and a George Thorogood and the Destroyers t-shirt well in need of a cleaning, reaches over and checks our seat belts which I’m sure are not even bolted to anything. I even had the pleasure of inhaling some third hand smoke since so much second hand smoke was being blown, the nonsmoker had a little extra on the exhale. I even paid a dollar to see the world’s smallest woman and a half man/ half beast, but it was just a normal chick sitting on a couch with a hole cut in it, and a dude that looked like Kenny Bartram. Hurry up, Supercross!

Kevin Windham had to duck and cover for Hurricane Ivan last Wednesday, but the 3rd grade roller skating champion is set for tonight to discuss his gardening tip of the week and 05. Sean Hamblin made a guest appearance on Motodrive last week, and shook things up a bit. I invited our good friend on to dispel any rumors and let his fans hear directly from him. David Bailey is woven into the fabric of our sport and we have missed his insight and perspective during his absence. David has had some health issues of late, but will be making his return tonight and we look forward to having our 4th host back in the game.

Wonder Warthog Racing is bringing a strong line-up for their segment tonight. Bauer and Daniel Blair will welcome Erv Braun, Tommy Harrison, and the much better looking brother, Vincent Blair. Also, Atom Rotten which has no relation to Adam Ant, or Johnny Rotten will join the caped crusaders tonight.

Tune in a little early since Kevin will broadcast a little something for your listening pleasure prior to the start of the show.

Tune in every Wednesday at 9 pm. But you knew that already.