DMXS (9/29/04)

DMXS has been in isolation preparing for the presidential debate tomorrow night. We are running on the “No Motocrosser Left Behind” platform. Unfortunately, we were not on enough ballots to be invited, so this is just our reminder to get involved and vote. On an ’80s somber note, Izora Rhodes Armstead, who sang the 1980s dance club hit “It’s Raining Men” as one half of the Weather Girls, has died. Kevin is taking this really hard, and we hope he can pull it together for the show tonight. He was heard earlier saying, “That song got me through some really tough times in my life, and was always an inspiration.” I know it will be hard for him to move on, but he does have those front-row seats for the Culture Club next week.

I called David Pingree and asked him for some time tonight, and he asked, “Does a bear crap in a litterbox?” I said, “A well-trained one does, so are you on or not?” A few awkward seconds later, the sharp-witted motocross sage confirmed. Josh Demuth had a hell of weekend in Texas, taking the 250 overall at the Pro Challenge against some formidable competition. Josh will be attempting to reclaim his AX title this year from Darcy, so tune in for that season long battle. Chuck Ball is trying singlehandedly to secure Robbie Smith some support for the U.S. Open and next year. Robbie has been a former WWR Privateer of the Week, and finished 2nd overall to Josh in Texas after winning both qualifiers against some big hitters. We all know how hard rides and support are to come by, but this kid has the speed, so keep him on the radar. David Bailey had to tend to his son Sean last week after a popped collarbone, but the ICON is on the gate and ready for tonight. We are really looking forward to having David back on. Jamey Grosser and his SX After Parties are about to start up again starting in Sin City at the U.S. Open. We will catch up with Jamey and get all the juicy details on how to attend. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The great group of girls over at the Womens Motocross & Supercross Foundation have set up a fund for Shane Lusk to help with the expenses and care after his release from the Shepard Spinal Center. Please check out and click Shane¿s banner at the top. He is progressing well and asked that I thank everyone for all the email and support. It makes a difference!