DMXS “All You Can Eat Buffet”

Tonight’s Motocross “All You Can Eat Buffet” starts off with Turbo Reif as the WWR Privateer of the Week. That has to be one of the coolest racing names, and would definitely be a character on a MX soap opera as the good-looking son of the town’s top brain surgeon and hot nurse mom. Next our love and respect for the up and coming heat out of the amateur ranks will be represented by Matt Boni (pronounced Bone -eee, thank you very much). Matt will catch us up on the first two rounds of the Amateur Nationals, including an epic battle with Alessi last week.

Team MotoWorld rider Andrew Short has double dipped this year, racing both the 125 West, and 250 series during the tiddler down time. He has shown impressive speed and results including a Heat race win in Indy that turned some heads. Andrew will break down both classes for us, and his plans for the Nationals and beyond. The dessert cart on our buffet is none other than the unofficial 4th host on our DMXS team, simply know as the ICON. David Bailey makes a long awaited return tonight to wrap up some loose ends from this season, and describes the unique experience as he prepares his own son for the pilgrimage to Hurricane Mills Tennessee where a grass covered track now lays in wait.

Tune in live at 9pm est at