DMXS: Braaaap

It’s Wednesday night again, and we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, ’cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine. Mike Alessi had a full dance card at Millville this past week as the Motocross prism was sharply focused on the young prodigy’s pro debut. Whichever side you have chosen in the board flame war to end all wars, it’s been an interesting few weeks with characters and a script that could have made a TNT Movie of the Week. The ascent of Mike and his career has come under scrutiny this week with arguably his father taking most of the heat. Mike will be going solo tonight, and I for one will never take part in trying to break a 16-year-old kid’s spirit regardless of the circumstances, so don’t expect an ambush. We look forward to hearing his side, and the plans from here on out. Jeff Alessi will join us as well to sum up his year, and give his take on Mike’s debut. Chris Williams from Factory Effex is a Georgia transplant out in Cali, but we still love him anyway. FX has a new complete line of custom preprinted number plate backgrounds and complete custom graphics. They call it DX1, and we are thinking about getting our lawyers involved since they use two out of our four letters. A coincidence…..I think not!

Daniel Blair has made the most of his time down by stepping up for the Wonder Warthog Privateer program and hosting their weekly segments. Unfortunately, Daniel just told me about the girl he dumped in highschool is currently a Playboy Playmate. Good call, Daniel. This week he will invite Sean Hamblin and Steve Cox to join us. Sean is an old friend of the show, and is always welcome. Steve Cox edits Pro Bass Quarterly and TWMX, and his friends seem to think he is a bit nerdy, but we’ll take him the way he is with the pocket protector and all. Speaking of Cox, Bauer might jump in the ring tonight to show some love.