DMXS Celebrating Cinco de Vallejo with Roncada

DMXS live 9pm est.

The show would not be the same without our props to the unsung heroes of the sport. Tonight¿s WWR Privateer of the Week will feature Jeff Gibson, who finished 12th overall in the 125 West, as well as some solid finishes on the East Coast. A huge congratulations to Steve Bauer and Scott Kandell for their Supercross Heterosexuals of the Year Award. That award is usually reserved for younger guns, but they somehow pulled it off. The much anticipated Prequel race at Glen Helen is set for a gate to drop this weekend. We will have Rick Doughty from Modern Steel … or Late 60’s Aluminum … or is that Vintage Iron. Anyway, Rick will catch us up on the latest confirmed riders and schedule of events for this weekend.

Stephane Roncada made a statement in Vegas by rubbing plastic with the heir apparent, and regardless of the language barrier, it was received loud and clear. Unfortunately, the result overshadowed Ron Ron¿s inspired ride and podium spot to be replaced by a rift among the riders. We will follow up on Racer X¿s interview, and dive a little deeper into the issue. We played back several old interviews from Stephane, and if you slow them down 300%, he is actually the voice of Alvin from the Chipmunks. We will try to translate the best we can, so bear with us. Jimmy Button is one of our sport’s true inspirations. His career was cut short in a practice session at San Diego just 4 years ago. Buttonfly could not be kept down for long, and has established himself as the standard in athlete management. As he was signing autographs for his fans in Dallas, he reminded me that the last time he was on DMXS was from the hospital bed. We will fill in the gaps with our old friend tonight. Jamie Little could not be hotter, and I¿m not just talking about that. The First Lady of SX has signed an exclusive deal with ESPN that will have her doing SX, MX, X-Games, and now IRL racing. Jamie will also be covering the Indy 500 for ABC as the only female sports reporter on the team. In between all of that, she managed to race and cover the Mini Moto SX in Vegas and will break down the night¿s festivities for us.

Don¿t forget your Mother this Sunday. You have been warned!

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