DMXS—Let’s Help Robbie Knievel Find His Feather

The anticipation for Loretta Lynns’ is building, and we will cover all the goodies with our preview show tonight. Davey Coombs will give us his thoughts as the best riders in the country converge next week at the pinnacle of amateur racing. Chris Hultner is on his way to Lorettas, but not before stopping at a little shindig in Ponca, and we will have his onsite perspective tonight as well. We had to take some time out to show our Georgia boy Matt Walker some love for his transcendental rides the last two weeks, so have the bleep button ready. We tried to get Robbie Knievel on to talk about his upcoming jump this Saturday night, but he lost his feather and was frantically trying to find it. Let’s all hope the feather turns up, because we all know he won’t jump without it. I trust his team has prepared a better landing area than the Grand Canyon jump where they thought three sheets of blue painted plywood would suffice. That was the equivalent of landing in the Millville whoops with a cactus everywhere.

The USA’s Motocross Des Nations team was dealt a blow yesterday with the announcement that Ricky Carmichael would not be participating this year. Ever vigilant, the effort pushes on, and an unlikely hero takes center stage for the red, white, and blue. John Dowd has long been a crowd favorite, and will garner more love and respect by taking on the world’s best along side Mike Brown for team USA. The JunkYard Dog will join us tonight on the WWR segment with Privateers of the Week, Sean Collier and Brian Mason. Daniel Blair has somehow caught the ebola virus while at home with two broken ankles, but hopefully he will be well enough to make the show.

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