DMXS Radio Charity Ride for A-T a Huge Success

Atlanta, Georgia (March 3, 2005) On behalf of the A-T Children’s Project, Heath Hamrick, and DMXS Radio, we would like to acknowledge and thank those individuals responsible for another successful year as we draw closer to finding a cure for this debilitating childhood disease. Even the frigid Georgia weather could not dampen the spirt as we were able to raise almost $24,000 in a single day at the 2 nd annual DMXS Charity Ride for A-T. The monetary goal was but one measurement to the success of this fund raiser. One form of giving not easily measured but overly apparent was the outpouring and heart felt contribution of time and energy from everyone involved. Our MX community pulled together and rallied and we will not stop until we beat A-T.

Nobody knows which donated dollar will be the one that secures a breakthrough toward a cure, and that is why each and every donation is precious. Because of donations such as these over the years, tremendous progress has been made by scientists and physicians studying this disease — progress that otherwise would not have happened. The AT Project is happy to tell you that the scientific research has begun to bear fruit. Several drugs identified by researchers that show promise are now being tried in children with A-T as part of a new clinical trial at the A-T Clinical Center which they established at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. They are continuing to support top scientists around the world who are striving to unravel the mysteries of this disease to find a treatment.

Most people only know of the hard charging Ricky Carmichael when the gate drops, but we know his heart is as big off the track as is it on. RC went above and beyond and was directly involved at every level to ensure a successful fund raiser for the children with A-T. Along with the essential help from Scott Taylor, Fox, and Team Makita Suzuki we were able to maximize the exposure and bring the awareness of the disease to more people than ever before. Their generous support and resources made the difference, and paved the way for future progress in our fund rasing efforts.

We want to thank Clear Channel for their instrumental support and logistics not only promoting the race, but with opening ceremonies in Atlanta. Having Georgia’s own Ezra Lusk peek out of retirement long enough to help out for the cause was a special treat for us and the fans. Ezra was sporting the custom Roost MX Ride 4 A-T graphics while he participated. Matt Walker and Shae Bentley have been with us from day one, and their time and support was critical and we look forward to working with them next year.

There were countless individuals and companies that offered assistance and time, and while we don’t intend to leave anyone out, please forgive us if we do. A special debt of gratitude to the following: Linda Ardehali, David Bailey, Royce Baker, Chuck Ball, Steve Bauer, Wendy Black, Dave Caseloa, Calvin Cahoon, Davey Coombs, Steve Cox, Chris Denney, Christina Denney, Big-E, Mike Farber, Tim Ferry, Andy Gustafson, Denny Hartwig, Daniel Hitchcock, Scott Kandel, Dawn Kandel, Kyle Kelly, Ken Kelly, King Kelly, Jeff Kocan, David Langran, Thomas LeCray, Jason Lee, Ezra Lusk, Jennifer Lusk, Makita,Wayne Massey, David Moorman, Moto East Magazine, Mountain Adventures, Will Pattison, David Pingree, Racer X, Red Bull, Kenneth Roberts,, Aaron Rocco, Tony & Danya Scavo, Brock Sellards, Andrew Short, BJ Smith, Ursula Six, SPEED TV, Bryan Stealey TFS, Jason Thomas, TWMX, Tucker Rocky, Bill Ursic, Jason Weigandt, Brent Withey, Shane Yeagin