You know everyone says 100 degrees is 100 degrees no matter where you are right? Well I’ve experienced both sides of the coast and Loretta Lynn’s just might be the hottest place on the planet. While the NIT of motocross tournaments is underway out in Oklahoma, many riders anxiously await the big dance that goes down every year at the ranch. Ready or Hot, here they come!

Tonight we’ll bring on some of the brightest stars in amateur motocross looking for their shot in the bigs. Justin Barcia has been a Honda prodigy for quite some time and hopes to peak at just the right time come August. We’ll catch up with the New York hit man as he hopes to take care of business under the watchful eye of the Honda brass. Barcia will have his hands full with the Wharton clan as Blake will lead the charge aboard those pesky Katooms as he attempts to shut down Barcia. Tyler Wharton will look for his 2nd title but he’ll have to do it in the ultra competitive A class! We’ll see what the boys have to say about life, music, motocross, and that massive amount of hair they both have. They will step up motocross hair when they turn pro… me on this, think of that little kid on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!

Banned in Boston raised in Austin might be a bit much as far as nicknames go so we’ll try Chicken Noodle Stroupe? Stroupe there he is (that was terrible by the way). Stroupe Loops? Ok I quit, I’ll have a week announcing his name at Loretta’s and I promise to come up with something better. Austin Stroupe has signed with Mitch and the boys and looks to be another bullet loaded in the barrel for PC. He was winless last year at Loretta’s and looks to fix that in a week.

Nico Izzi rides yellow motorcycles, has a father with Popeye sized calf muscles, a mom who cooks a killer meatball, and oh yeah he is finding his groove at just the right moment. Nico is another rider who has his deal done and has nothing to lose come Loretta’s. Nico will compete in the Lites A class along with other signees Stroupe and Canard. This might be the best A racing we have seen in many years as all the heavy hitters will collide for 6 motos!

Trey Canard shocked many with 6 straight moto wins at Loretta’s last year. Factory Connection loves this kid and they’ve already signed him to a 53 yr deal…wow! Trey is humble, fast, and has red hair. Red hair seems to be the thing these days with fast amateurs and pros alike. Didn’t work for me though, that Bradshaw guy had me covered.

Josh Grant is having a better year than last but everyone is still asking him what’s wrong? I did that at Denver. I guess that’s a good thing as people are expecting a lot out of the kid. We’ll catch up with the west coast flyer tonight on the show.

Nic Wey will ride and acronym sponsored by an acronym. NYK’s new home for 2008 will be the newly formed MDK KTM team. NYK is one of our BF’s here on DMXS and he always leaves us ROTFLMAO. We’ll catch up with the BAMF L8TR in the show.

Steve Mathis is Canadian. I don’t like him but I really need some parts for my kid’s bike so hopefully I can turn this into a discount deal of some sort. I promise we won’t have him on for very long…I mean what can he possibly have to say that’s any better than what we can say on our own?

Tune in tonight at 8pm est. as we unravel the meaning of pretty much everything you ever wanted to know your entire adult life. Listen in over at and make sure you join in our chat room that’s filled to capacity during the show!

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