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No matter how hard you train or prepare for your racing career, there is one thing out of your control…..who your competition will be. Chad Reed has run into the Carmichael and Stewart buzz saw and will probably have to race the young Stewart for the rest of his career. Fortunately, he is one of the few mortals to ever beat these guys and has plenty of fight and heart left in him. Chad is on a new team with a new attitude this year, and we will catch up with the popular Aussie tonight DMXS style.

Grant Langston’s career was resurrected with his formidable success on Pro-Circuit and had the Factory teams with his number on a speed dial during the silly season. When the music stopped, GL landed the coveted Factory Yamaha 450 spot vacated when Reed did his own thing. Grant is back after recovering from a snapped collarbone at A1 and his results are climbing toward the podium once again. He always makes for a candid interview and we look forward to welcoming back the Zulu Warrior.’s Branden Jesseman quickly silenced his critics when he backed up his Orlando win with another podium at Indy. In fact, if he did not suffer a DNS at St Louis, he would be a contender in the Wild, Wild East Coast series. As it stands now, Brando sits 22 points back with two races to go. We had a little trouble reaching him last show, but wanted to make sure to give him some love this week.

Davey Coombs always has a lot on his plate, but with the nationals fast approaching and the Motocross de Nations just around the corner, this might be the only time we could book him. DC always adds some great insight to the current events and he will break down the season thus far, and the impact of RC’s retirement.

Racer X’s Bad Billy Ursic does a great job with his Bench Racing Ammo morsels each week on and he brilliantly brought up the scenario that another title could be clinched without the champion winning a single race. It was exactly 10 years ago when Tim Ferry won the 1997 125cc East Region AMA Supercross title without a win. His consistency proved to be the deciding factor that year and YOT’s Ryan “Stealth” Morais is using the same formula this season. The consummate underdog has taken flying under the radar to a new level and has a ten point lead with two races to go. David Bailey always told me to keep an eye on this kid, and the ICON was right. It was hard to catch up with Ryan since he is so far under the radar that he can’t get a cell signal, but we worked out the physics and Ryan will join us tonight from somewhere in California.

Eric “Sore Balls” Sorby has the worst nickname in our sport, but he has been getting more press lately, thanks to Chad Reed. It seems these two always find each other on the track and it makes for an interesting sidebar to the race. We wanted to give Eric a chance to defend himself, albeit in a harsh East German accent. Don’t miss his side of the story.

Sean “Long Cut” Borkenhagen had a terrible get-off at Lake Whitney which resulted in such a severely broken collarbone that it pierced his sternum and back. Sean and his doctors credit the Leatt Brace with minimizing the injury since the impact was so severe. He will join us with an update tonight.

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