DMXS Tonight (1/12/04)

Andrew Short / Michael Holigan / Josh Woods / WWR on

What in the hell was that? The most anticipated race in several years was ultimately won by Mother Nature and her recent global assault. We are fortunate that for the most part, the riders came out unscathed except for some egos. Regardless of the circumstances, the results are in the book, and round 2 awaits. Let’s just hope Rich Winkler and the boys over at Dirt Wurx can find some dry dirt to haul into Ball One Ballpark in Phoenix this weekend.

Andrew Short was scouted early on as a favorite for a 125-West contender in 05. After a few setbacks last year, Andrew was looking forward to his new team and fresh start heading into Anaheim 1. Well, as with other top dogs, Andrew’s debut was far from expected. That did not stop the blondest eyebrows in the sport from stepping up to the plate and giving his side tonight. Michael Holigan and his Team Samsung Wireless have become the upstart standard in the sport and boast some sweet credentials in landing outside sponsors not normally associated with dirt cycles. I missed the boat on the whole wireless thing. I thought for sure that 40 feet tangled kitchen phone cords were here to stay. We will welcome Mr. Holigan and team rider and line dancing partner, Josh Woods to the show tonight. Josh took no time in impressing Lucky and the team with a 2nd place finish at A1 in the mud. Josh is a friend of the show, and after recently wrapping up the 4stroke National title he has shown his SX skills as well. The lovely Jason Weigandt was supposed to join us tonight, but his new marketing team and agent confirmed he has an actual date this evening. Not unlike yourselves, we were skeptical, but all sources seem to confirm this to be true. Have fun, Jason.

You can all stop flooding the phone banks and emailing me because he is back. Hide the women, children, and sheep as its time again to unleash the non-politically correct Steve Bauer back on the world. Tonight it’s the Bauer Power Flower Sour hour as we kick start the WWR segment once again. Scott Kandel has been working overtime in the off-season to fight the good fight for the mighty privateer. Scott will break down all the exciting new programs and sponsors that have jumped onto this worthy cause. Moto Sport Outlet pilot, Ryan Abrigo will wear the Privateer of the Week cape as he joins in too.

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