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The loud whoosh heard round the world was not Bauer in the bathroom again. Instead, it was the collective gasp of the MX culture as word spread like a wildfire of Stewart’s injury. The somber mood and rain soaked faces from Anaheim 1 turned to tear stained faces as the season that was, has not quite been. As we all quickly did the broken bone math and pulled out our SX schedules for the likely return of the heir apparent, it was clear we had business to take care of and plenty of racing to do The season has had plenty of great stories and plot lines to contend with, so let’s go.

Broc “Hamburger” Hepler has become the man of few words that carries a pretty damn big stick. Broc lets the riding speak for itself and the Factory Suzuki pilot had plenty to say with his win in Phoenix after the mud bog a week earlier. We will catch up with the East coast transplant and help celebrate his first SX win. Standing just a few feet away on the podium was another right coast man that has adapted well to doing it Cali style. Ryan Sipes was introduced to most of the world on the podium in Phoenix, but those that follow amateur racing have known about this rising star for some time now. It will be our pleasure to welcome the break out rider of the year thus far on the show tonight While it may be a surprise to some how quickly he has adapted to SX, one man has been singing his praises for months leading up to 05. David Bailey did not get the name ICON for nothing, and he continues to pass his legacy in the sport onto younger riders. DB has been coaching the WBR team for a while, and has told me of Sipes’ speed since the summer. It’s always nice to have him back on, and we will grill him about the season so far in both classes as well. Larry Huffman needs no introduction to those whose who have not recently just experienced puberty or still ride an 80. Larry was one of a kind and was the exuberant voice of our sport in the 80’s. It is a privilege to welcome a true fixture in the history of our sport to the show tonight.

WWR has Steve Mertens and Erick “Cinco de” Vallejo during their segment as they spread the love in the privateer ranks. Brian Price is the guru over at Shift and has jumped on board in a big way for the WWR program. We will ask him tonight if he realized Bauer was a part of the program and how that factored into his decision.

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