DMXS Tonight (2/2/05)

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It¿s time to address a few issues that have garnered some attention in 05. The introduction into the sound testing has raised more questions then answers. The SX track design and the timeless issue of the whoops have everyone taking sides. Lucky for us, we have the men to address all of these issues and more on the show tonight.

Davey Coombs rolled up his sleeves and filled in nicely for the San Francisco SX this past weekend so look for some great insight from behind the scenes. Steve Whitelock has certainly been a lightning rod for the rule book side of the sport in his early tenure. Steve assured me that he wants his position and that of the AMA to be well stated and in the open. He was very amicable, and wanted to be on the show to help us wade through the rumors and deal in fact. David Bailey is back in his proper place, and that is directly in the middle of the action every week. DB had some comments on his site that raised a few eyebrows, and we will let our unofficial 4th host explain his position and field questions and comments from the fans, also. Jeff Cernic is one the most well-liked men in both the amateur and pro pits. His Team Cernic Suzuki sits idle as Travis Pastrana has enrolled in the Red Bull astronaut training program in Austria while on the mend. We will check in with Jeff and hear the latest on the reentry date of our boy, TP.

Steve Bauer and Scott Kandel had a combined 47 demerits for their behavior on the show in the past few weeks, and had to be benched until the community service portion of the sentence is satisfied. Until then, Chad McCan will be helping with the weekly WWR segment. He welcomes Bryan Johnson as the Privateer of the Week, and the blue collar man himself, Ryan Clark on the show tonight. Also, in the spirit of spreading the love, they will welcome a sponsor of the privateer struggle on each week. Tonight, it¿s the Decal Works man, Eric Bleed.

Join in the chat room during the show to throw us some questions for the guests, or call in at 770-941-3645.