DMXS Tonight (9/1/04)

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It’s Wednesday again, and DMXS is going to kick more ass than cross-eyed Rockettes. The MXdN team is all but officially canceled, but not before Scott Kandel threw himself on the grenade one more time. Scott pulled a full-on John Cusak from the movie Say Anything, and stood outside Whitelock’s bedroom window holding the boom box above his head for the entire Peter Gabriel song “In Your Eyes.” You can almost hear the words as the single tear ran down Scott’s cheek. “In your eyes, the resolution of all the fruitless searches, In your eyes, I see the light and heat, in your eyes, I am complete…. All my instincts they return, and the grand facade so soon will burn, without a noise, without my pride, I reach out from inside.” A valiant effort, my friend. For those of you too young to get that reference, shut up.

The Alessi saturation reached an all-time peak following Millville with huge developments since. Larry Brooks will be on to give KTM’s side of the story, and what his job will involve with basically an entirely new team for ’05. Larry is an old friend of the show and does not sugarcoat anything, so it should be a great interview. Bevo Forti is a staple of our sport and has just about seen and done it all. We will catch up with the loveable Scott goggle kingpin, and see if the rumors are true about HBO doing a piece on him. Jimmy Button and Mitch Bailey have released a new clothing line that is up and running. Red Button 1 through 6 were all research and development, so they decided on Red Button Seven as the name. Jimmy will be joining us with all the details, so show them some love and be the first one on your block to be sporting their duds.

Daniel Blair’s flipper is healing up well, and he will start riding and training as he and Vincent prepare for battle in ’05. Daniel has done a great job filling in as WWR’s frontman during his down time. Tonight he welcomes Eric “The Science Guy” Nye who will pilot a Mach 1 Yamaha, and I hear they are fast. Also, Privateer of the week Kadie Garrett will call in with her story, morning glory.

Seriously, a lot of our Southern MX brothers and sisters have not even recovered from Hurricane Charley, and Frances is bearing down for another direct blow. Keep them in your thoughts, and find a way to help if you can.