DMXS Tonight….Andrew Short / Langston / Whitmore / Matthes /WWR

“Big-Mo” was a political term brought into the common vernacular by former President H.W. Bush in his bid for the 1980 Republican Party nomination against Reagan. After winning the opening Iowa caucus, Bush told the press he had the “Big-Mo,” or momentum. Unfortunately for Bush, momentum swings both ways and Reagan came back to win New Hampshire, and we all know the rest of the story. In this high stakes game of Supercross, the top guys all have oodles of talent and train hard. The minute difference can be made up in confidence and momentum. James returned from Canada with the market cornered on momentum and left Anaheim 1 with even more stock. Carmichael was left licking his wounds after round one, but rode his ass off in Phoenix and Anaheim last week to secure the momentum shift. Chad Reed has ridden the Big-Mo train before, but he’s just looking for a chance to jump on while it’s moving.

The real Grant Langston finally showed up last week and stood atop the podium at Anaheim 2. In a field of young talent, the Zulu Warrior’s experience and determination just might make all the difference when the West coast series wraps up in Seattle. Grant is keeping his eye on the Supercross class as well since he will be moving up next year. Andrew Short has proven his will to win a championship this year after putting in two pain-filled rides while recovering from a severe ankle injury. Andrew won the series opener but took a spill in practice the following week that might have put his championship hopes on hold. Instead, the Factory Honda rider gutted it out and finds himself in the point’s battle after round 3. We will hear an update tonight from Shorty as he prepares for San Francisco this weekend. Sarah Whitmore is the rare combination of beauty and talent. Unlike Kevin Kelly who represents the other side of the gene pool and is ugly and talentless. The lovely Sarah just recently appeared on MTV’s True Life that profiled her attempt to master the backflip for future FMX competitions. The MX muti-time champion had a tough day, but she gave it her all. She was pissed that she cried on national television, but Matt our intern does that all the time. It’s really no big deal. Sarah will be checking in and giving us details of why all that hard work on the ramp was in vain. Steve Matthes is a long time friend of the show and has been with us since day one. He has since turned in his Craftsman beginner tool kit after wrenching for Tim Ferry at Yamaha. Steve is now the FMF Brand Manager for Parts Unlimited, but he is going to change our tires and filter just for the hell of it. We are looking forward to catching up with our good friend tonight.

WWR are back in the trenches for the Privateers this year. This week they welcome Caterpillar/SoCal Racing’s Jacob Saylor and Powerhouse’s Eric Nye as the Most Improved Privateers after Anaheim 2. Both will receive a check from WWR for $1,000. Also, we are pleased that James Kern from Toyota will be on as well to talk about the “Toyota Zone.” That is another example of Toyota’s commitment to our sport and the privateers.

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