DMXS Tonight….Payton / Roncada / Langston / Bailey / Brooks

Well, it’s almost time people! I can’t wait to breathe in the sweet smell of pre-mix and hear the Braaaap sounds echo throughout the stadiums across Canada and this great nation of ours. Wait…I was just handed a memo…..Never mind. Just remember to bring some ear plugs for the kids. The Amp’d Mobile World Supercross series is only a few days away, and you can bet that the teams are checking and rechecking their lists with the same scrutiny as Santa. The throw away World rounds from last year now have untold significance as RC has once again shaken things up by winning both SX titles last year starting in Canada. The competition can no longer take the chance of giving the sage veteran an edge coming into Anaheim, so the initial showdown moves North this year. I’m kind of glad because I just checked the Weather Channel and it calls for rain on January 7, in Anaheim.

Jeff Spencer has said on our show that once you reach your goal of being on top, you must adapt to stay there. Mitch Payton and his juggernaut Pro-Circuit team are the industry standards for success through adaptation. Many articles have been written about Mitch and his team’s walk through MX history, but we will pick his brain tonight on the upcoming season with his new stable of riders, and when he will finally field a 250/450 team.

David Bailey is our go-to-guy all year long, and we will catch up with the ICON and hear how his WBR team is doing and his take on the fast approaching 06 season. Larry Brooks has been there and done that throughout his long career as a rider and as KTM team manager, respectively. Larry is one of our favorite guests since he shoots straight from the hip and tells you what’s on his mind. We will cover the 06 team to rumors of who might show up on the gate against RC and the gang for a few rounds this year.

One of the most popular riders with fans and the industry alike is Stephane Roncada. His trials and tribulations have been well documented, but Ron Ron has a new Motoworld ride for this year and a great outlook on the future. We look forward to catching up with our good friend tonight. Yesterday was Grant Langston’s first ride on the test track since his off season ankle surgery for an injury he sustained at the infamous Hangtown last turn. He will catch all his fans up on his progress and where he sees himself when the gate drops on the East coast rounds just a few short weeks away.

David Pingree stood us up last week for puppy training classes. I have flown out an electric dog shock collar that his wife was more than happy to put on him for us. If he bails tonight, I have a 1-800-ZAP-PING number linked to the collar all ready to go that will light him up with a simple phone call. Who is being trained now, bitch? Jason Weigandt is driving to Toronto ( good call Weege) for some reason so we will have to check in with him along his journey tonight. Joey “Tuff Block” Villatico is a bi-racer that competes in both AX series. A little love for a true privateer….the good guys!

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