DMXS: We are not afraid of anyone smaller than us Live Every Wednesday Night 9pm est.

Well the past few days in our sport just made Anaheim #1 in 2005 very interesting. Alex Rodriguez signing with Suzuki, Terrell Owens making the move to the green bikes and Brett Farve fighting the urge to retire in an attempt to make it back to the promised land….all of these moves makes bench racing that much more intense so keep your elbows up and rip the foil off your Hungry Man dinner….it’s time for DMXS.

Tonights rodeo:

We’ll kick the show off in usual fashion with our Wonder Warthog Privateer of the Week who just happens to be Jimmy Wilson. Jimmy has received the Racer X Gas card about 86 times this year. We felt bad for young Jimmy until he told us that he lays up on the last lap of all his heat races because up to this point he has amassed $212,043 in Racer X Gas Card cash this year….not bad! Next up will be none other than who I think is the smoothest man in motocross, Kevin Windham. Kevin is sponsored by Lee and his contract states that he must wear a pair of Dungarees under his race pants while he is actually racing. This makes even less sense when he told us that they were out of stock in his usual size 34 pants the past few weeks and he had to shoe horn into a size 29 low rise which lets the top of his boxers peak out when his shirt comes untucked. Speaking of Belgians, we have Roger DeCoster on the program this evening to talk about his new addition to the team in that of Ricky Carmichael. Roger and the boys from Suzuki hope to end their five-year dry spell and knock down some indoor and outdoor titles with RC. We’ll have a Hungarian/Belgian/French translator on to help you with the big words when “The Man” is on. With silly season reaching a silly record this year, we wanted some insight from an agent¿s point of view. Denise Conroy-Galley is a managing partner of Traction Enterprises, and the only female agent in the business. Their impressive stable of talent includes Branden Jesseman, Broc “Hamburger” Hepler, and Sean Hamblin. We will ask her if the plot lines on Arliss were true, and what it¿s like to have a hyphenated name, and of course how rubbing plastic with the factories has evolved over the years.

Tune in at 9:00 PM and call in at 770.941.3645.