DMXS welcomes Ben Townley, Travis Pastrana, and Timmy Ferry on tonight

Is it just me, or is this a weird off season already? The regrettable demise of the 250 two-stroke may have been pushed up a few years with RC’s ride at the US OPEN. Reed just had to officially pull out of his beloved Barrabool race in his homeland of Australia due to injuries and lack of seat time as he anxiously watches RC and others already well into testing. The infinite questions about Bubba remain going into the 06 season as his fans and detractors alike wait for a glimpse at his next likely public appearance in Toronto at the WSX in early December. I almost forgot. The Cobra is on a Honda! After the build up and subsequent let down from The Perfect Storm last year, I just hope all these loose ends are tied up and we simply have some great racing.

Travis Pastrana just recently landed a double back flip for his NITRO 3 DVD, but had trouble negotiating the first lap of the dusty 24-hour Glen Helen race last weekend. Although he does not remember the crash, a separated shoulder and snapped collar bone should help remind him. Travis had surgery to plate the collar bone and he is set to race his rally car this weekend. We will catch up with our good friend tonight from the airport as he flies out for yet another chapter in his book of life. Ben Townley certainly has the faith of his new American fan base as he sits atop the Racer X poll to win the outdoor title in his first full year in the states. The 2004 MX2 World Motocross champion’s outdoor speed seems uncontested, but Ben will have to “survive” his rookie SX season first. We will get to know the Pro Circuit Lite rider a little better tonight, and see how he feels about riding for Mitch and tackling those dreaded whoops. I’ve received a lot of email about Tim Ferry in the last few weeks about his health and ride for next year, so I thought you all could hear it right from Red Dog himself. Timmy is one tough SOB, so don’t count him out yet. BJ Smith from Chet Burkes Productions handled the filming and producing for the outdoors this year and will join us in the studio tonight. We will have to adjust the tint setting on our camera to compensate for his million watt smile, but we love him anyway.

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