DMXS¿White Smoke From a Pipe Means a Two-Stroke To Us

Whoever thought that simple white smoke would be so defining. It signaled the beginning for a new Pope, and the lack thereof signaled the end of our beloved two stroke. Far reach I know, but in an age of satellites, wireless everything, and 24-hour instant news, I found it comforting in a way that the world¿s prism was focused on a chimney for two days. Speaking of technology, our own Kevin Kelly might be doing a live remote from the Northside Hospital maternity ward tonight since his second child is do any minute now. He asked for some time off, but since he is not the one lactating, I turned down the request. Seriously, we wish them the best.

Quite simply, Chad Reed rode his ass off last week in Seattle after the first turn punt that had him dead last. Chad made it back to forth before he ran out of laps and seemed a tad upset after the race. Since he was absent from the apparent questionless press conference, we will get his take on the first turn crash and his mind set for the remaining two rounds. Mitch Payton and his team will not be denied. He finds a way year after year to mount a championship run and continues to be the 125 class standard. Mitch just recently got engaged and wanted to come on tonight to discuss the wedding and all the planning that is involved. Mitch is registered at Target and Joe¿s Live Bait & Tackle, and while he needs some silver wear and china, he already has enough #1 plates for a complete setting….oooh, rim shot! Todd Jacobs is a well-respected name within the industry. Other than being a professional tri-athlete, he has also trained some of our sports elite talent to include Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, and David Bailey for his run at Ironman. In addition to hearing about his involvement in the sport, Todd also has some unique insight into the mystery that is Travis Pastrana and will help us understand the path he has chosen. Miss Phoenix did not like the fact that she was left out of last weeks show that included Miss St. Louis and Miss Anaheim 2. After assuring her that there is plenty of love at DMXS to go around, her mind was put at ease. We will welcome Brittney George on tonight as she prepares for Vegas and her bid to become Miss Supercoss 2006.

WWR will welcome Eric “The science guy” Nye on tonight as the Privateer of the Week. Eric pulled down an impressive finish at Seattle so we will catch up with the Californian to show some respect to the privateers.

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