DMXS….Alessi done Southern Style

Every few years a new rider is given the unceremonious nod to be the next greatest thing in motocross. With this mantle come the fringe benefits of endless exposure and being in the spotlight long before their pro debut on the national stage. Unfortunately, the hype and backlash inherent with such attention have befallen many riders in the past. The ambiguous torch will be passed to Mike Alessi at Millville in just a few short weeks. If the Whoop Monster was not challenge enough, the young 16-year-old will have the added pressure of racing against those who have made the transition, and are the greatest riders in motocross. The Alessi family is currently on a Southern swing, and will be joining us in the Atlanta studio for the show tonight. Not unlike many of you, we have watched the incredible ascent of Mike and Jeff from the beginning, and look forward to sharing a mic with Tony and the boys. David Bailey will also be calling in during the segment to chat with the young prodigies.

Ronnie Renner was voted best-dressed in the DMXS fashion poll, and will be joining us tonight to celebrate. Ronnie will be giving a few tips on putting together the perfect jeans, black Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt, and Timberland boots combination for any occasion. We will also have the pie-plate dime toss-up and running for those coveted Motley Crüe and Poison mirrors. I told Kevin not to spray the plates with WD-40 tonight, so we plan on giving a ton away.

Daniel Blair will be the Master of Ceremonies for the Wonder Warthog segment for the next few weeks while he is recovering. Daniel is well-spoken and a great representative for the program and our sport. Paul Lindsey from will be on to catch us up on his pro comeback. We love you, Paul, but just let it go, man … let it go

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